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Will Xbox Music allow streaming?

According to some indications in the source code of the Microsoft cloud service, in the future the files uploaded to OneDrive can be listened to remotely

(Photo: Lorenzo Longhitano)(Photo: Lorenzo Longhitano)

If it were true it would be an important piece in the online service puzzle that Microsoft is building around its Windows platform (but not only): in the future Xbox Music could allow music streaming stored remotely, similar to what Amazon and Google already do. The hypothesis starts from a clue collected by the site, which months ago had already correctly intercepted the options for customizing the start screen on Windows Phone 8.1.

According to Livesino, streaming will happen in a very simple way thanks to the OneDrive archiving service: baster upload the songs in the Music folder and these will be ready for listening through the Xbox Music app available on iOS, Android and of course Windows and Windows Phone, as well as on the Xbox console. Unfortunately, there is no indication of when this precious function could see sunlight.


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