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Western Digital Wd Red and Red Pro, reliable and affordable

WD Red and Wd Red Pro are the 5 and 6 TB versions of the disks designed to store data from small and medium-sized businesses in the NAS.

The 5 and 6 TB versions of the disks are coming, destined to keep the data of small and medium enterprises in the NAS

by Lino Garbellini

In times of cloud technology, data rescue systems do not disappear, but continue to receive some attention. Whether because while transmitting on the Internet, information ends up being saved on a physical medium anyway, either because some small and medium-sized companies prefer to have a data backup at hand. Moreover, compared to certain cloud services on which the SIAE tax is currently applied, the internal PC disks are not subject to this offer. In this context, Western Digital has recently increased its offer for the Sata Wd Red disks for Nas storage with cuts of 5 TB (239 euros) and 6 TB (289 euros) destined for the home and small office realities. The 3.5 inch Wd Red are tested to offer compatibility with the leading Nas systems (complete list on the website www and currently available in a range with capacities ranging from 1 TB to 6 TB. Space for separate data, there are also other features that have contributed to the spread of these models and also now guarantee their success: support for Raid mode, low consumption, high compatibility with Nas systems of different companies and reliability. Wd family offers its customers support for a greater number of lodgings, a greater breadth of range with Wd Red Pro and greater functionality with the latest generation of Wd NASware technology explains Matt Rutledge (senior vice president and general manager, Wd Storage Technology) motivating success, Wd continues to listen to its customers and create products that start from their requests. Wd Red's built-in Wd NASware 3.0 technology designed to improve reliability and system performance, reduce customer downtime and simplify the integration process. The new discs also feature the 3D Active Balance Plus system, a balance control technology that increases the performance and reliability of the disc. With the increase in the functionality of NASware 3.0, the Wd Red disks from 1 to 6 TB are able to support NAS systems up to 8 slots without negatively affecting reading and writing times. The company has recently introduced Wd Red Pro hard disks that turn to the Nas market of medium and large companies with capacities from 2 TB to 4 TB and support for the 8 to 16-slot systems. Wd and Wd Red Red Pro have a limited warranty of three and five years and support local in Italy. Even the low-temperature hard disk line for high-capacity consumer storage – the silent and eco-friendly Wd Green – will see an expansion in the near future with the announcement of new 5 TB and 6 TB models.