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Vine adds the chat

The Twitter app now allows you to send videos and private messages to other users and even to contacts that do not have an account on the social network

No longer just 6-second videos on Vine: the Twitter-owned sharing app has just launched a feature to chat with your contacts, both by text messages and by sending private videos.

In the menu that opens at the top left, the item Messages has been added, which can also be accessed by scrolling the main Timeline to the left and through which access is gained to an inbox of incoming messages from friends and one of users outside your network: if the possibility of receiving VM – Video Messages – from users who are not your friends does not convince you, you can disable them in the options.

You can also send a video in response to a chat. And always via chat you can sendalso videos posted by other users, to comment on the most beautiful or to gossip about those of friends. Conversations can be not only between two users, but also in groups, just like on Instagram, which introduced private messages last November.

In the upper right corner an icon is added that refers to your list of contacts (which, again, is accessed by scrolling to the left), to choose the recipients of your VM: by choosing the recipients before shooting the video, you can start a private text-only conversation. You can even send videosto contacts in your address book that are not on Vine.

"Since the early days of Vine we have discovered a growing desire of our users to send private messages",writes in the announcement JasonToff, Product Manager of the app."We have seen our community come up with ingenious ways of sending videos to friends, so we thought of this solution."

The update also adds the ability to customize the background of your profile (and icons) with 10 different colors.already active on new versions for iOS and Android available in the App Store and Google Play, while not yet clear when they arrive on Windows Phone.


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