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Use iPhone as a PC modem

Use iPhone as a modem

Are you away from home and failed to find a public WiFi connection to connect your laptop? Or at home missed the fixed-line Internet connection and now you can't work on the computer in the room anymore? Don't worry: in these cases the data offer available on your iPhone comes in handy, which in most cases you can also use to browse via PC. Take a few minutes to read this guide and you will see how use iPhone as a modem for your PC.

iPhone as a modem

In order for this to be possible without damaging your pockets, certain conditions are necessary. It also depends on the type of operator with whom you have subscribed to the subscription. Here we will explain everything.

Data offer control

Before understanding the method to use iPhone as a modem for PC, be sure to inquire about the type of your data offer you have on your mobile device and the limitations it brings. Not all operators allow the use of the GB provided by the data offer to navigate even from a PC. Vodafone for example, imposes strict limits for this purpose, while TIM, Wind and 3 much depends on the active offer.

To retrieve this type of information you can use the specific app for your operator that you have already downloaded on your device; below I put the links for the apps available on the iPhone:

If you have a virtual operator (such as PosteMobile or Fastweb) you should check directly in the conditions of use of the offer on the official websites by accessing the links indicated above.

Once you have installed the right app for your operator, check the data plan for information about the APN to use, modem / hotspot and any restrictions on use via PC.

conditions of use of the offer

Connect iPhone as a PC modem

Once you have checked your data plan and verified that there are no limitations, you can use the iPhone as a PC modem simply by activating the Hotspot mode. To enable it brought inSettings -> Personal hotspotand activates the present button next to the item Personal hotspot. Of course, it also checks the availability of data on your card, to avoid running out of all available data.

Personal hotspot

Now you can use iPhone as a modem by simply connecting to the WiFi network created by the iPhone with your desktop or laptop. If it does not activate automatically, go to the PC Network and Internet settings and manually select the network iPhone by …. Once connected, you will use your data offer to browse the PC. It may be necessary to move the iPhone to an area where the network gets better, especially if you need to do internet activities that require connection speed.

Network and Internet settings

If this is the first time you connect to your PC's hotspot, you will also need to enter the password. This is a procedure that you will have to do only once, because the subsequent times it will be automatically recognized. You can find the password on your iPhone by going to Setting -> Personal Hotspot -> Wi-Fi Password.

Wi-Fi password on PC

If you want to change the access password, just tap on the entry Wi-Fi password within the menu Personal hotspot.

Don't consume all the data!

If a PC with Windows 10 is connected to a WiFi network the operating system will start to download (if present) numerous updates, many of which exceed 2 GB. If you don't want to drain your data offer when using the iPhone hotspot, click on the network icon in Windows 10, on the network created by the iPhone and finally on properties. In the window that opens, activate the entry Connection to consumption, so as to prevent Windows 10 from downloading updates and synchronizing apps.

Connection to consumption

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