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USB 2 also on the Mac

USB 2 also on the Mac

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Orange Micro does not see any competition between FireWire and USB 2 and for this reason it will continue to produce cards both for one and for the other standard, or rather to put in place PCI cards that will supply connectivity at the same time to peripherals FireWire and USB 2. The promise kept in some statements that the president of Orange Micro, Art Scotten, released to Macnn discussing the presentation of the first USB card 2.The announcement of the card, which took place at the PC Expo, had made someone suspect that the company that mainly focuses its attention on Mac products themselves to abandon the Apple field, but those responsible deny it. Indeed, they reiterate that they intend to continue working for the Mac world so that the new USB 2 card will also be released for our platform. The drivers will be developed internally because at the moment there is no idea what Apple intends to do to support the new standard, but they will be ready in October when the card will be released on the market. Orange Micro sees a great development of USB 2 peripherals on the horizon that will dominate the area of ??scanners, printers and HDs in the PC sector. The adoption of the new standard, again according to Scotten, will be very rapid, much faster than that of USB 1.1 also because the new peripherals will be compatible with the old ports even if, obviously, they will not be able to reach the same speed they would have if connected with a USB port 2. To facilitate the spread their lower cost relative to those compatible with FireWire and the exclusion from the payment of royalties due to those who adopt an IEEE 1394 device. The competition with FireWire, for, there will not be. In fact the standard firmly embraced by Apple will have its own niche in the digital video sector and in connectivity systems with consumer electronics equipment. "For this reason – says Orange Micro – we will continue to produce FireWire cards, indeed we think of FireWire and USB 2 cards to be destined to those who do not want to give up their old Macs but benefit from new technologies

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