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Ulysses III, the best Markdown editor for Mac

Bloggers, writers and journalists are constantly looking for applications that can make the writing of their texts more enjoyable. There are many writing applications that have been released for Mac in recent years, and many of these exploit the potential of Markdown, an extremely easy-to-learn text formatting language that speeds up writing and allows export to many formats, including HTML and PDF.

Since I decided to open this blog I have tried different applications, but none of these has ever fully met my needs. I recently came across Ulysses III and, driven by curiosity, I decided to try it.

Ulysses III

The main screen of the app Ulysses III divided into three panels. In the first we have a quick view of our library and we can create folders to divide our work and keep it organized by topics or sections. The documents of each folder are shown in the central panel, which can be organized to show the documents in alphabetical order, by date or you can organize the list manually. The right panel is dedicated to writing.

Ulysses-03 "width =" 754 "height =" 509 "srcset =" // 1000w, // wp-content / uploads / 2014/12 / Ulysses-03-104x69.jpg 104w, // 150w, // www. 300w, // 768w, // 640w, // .jpg 980w "data-sizes =" (max-width: 754px) 100vw, 754px "/> The three panels can be customized and you can decide to display them all, only two or just the editor. By activating the fullscreen mode you will enter a distraction-free mode, useful for those who want to focus their attention on what they are writing without unnecessary distractions on the screen.For those who love dark graphic interfaces, it is possible to activate u n dark theme that gives the best of itself in the full screen view, as it does not tire the view as it would instead happen with a light background.</p>
<p><strong>Ulysses III</strong>  also an editor <strong>Markdown</strong> and, by pressing the keys <strong>cmd</strong> + <strong>9</strong>, it is possible to show on the right side a new bar that will show the syntax of the main commands <em>Markdown</em>. What struck me most about <em>Ulysses</em>  link, image and footnote management. Who used it before <strong>Markdown</strong> certainly you will know that to insert a link, for example, you must use the syntax (link text) (URL).</p>
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