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Twitter will block third-party clients from June 19th

from June 19th Twitter will block third-party clients, all the unofficial apps will no longer have access to social media. the consequence of the interruption of streaming services in the Twitter API.

Soon Twitter will block third-party clients, in short, all unofficial clients will no longer have access to social media. In fact, he announces it on his blog for developers, stating that he removes access to the API for streaming sevices. This basically means that any App that offers a Twitter feed as part of its primary function will be better able to send push notifications and automatically update the feed. In this way, in fact, Twitter will block third-party clients.

Twitter will block third-party clients,

Twitter will block third-party clients from June 19th

Blocking access to streaming services in his Twitter API di made it block all unofficial clients and all apps, so the only solution to use Twitter will be to use the official app.

This is not the first time Twitter has tried to limit the use of third-party apps and clients, but now it could be the definitive one.

The first attempt to block third-party clients dates back to 2012, when Twitter introduced the token into its APIs. Not so easy to explain, but basically Twitter has introduced a rule that limits any third-party app on Twitter to just 100,000 users. Once this limit is reached, the app cannot accept new users until some people leave the App. That's why there are many third-party apps like Twitter clients: when an app reaches the maximum allowed users it is removed from Google Play Store and on the other hand another one is published.

Blocked third-party Twitter client

Just recently, the famous app Flamingo was removed from the Google Play Store when it reached the maximum quota of its token.

The token share is still a controversial measure, but this new move is aimed at completely eliminating access to the streaming services API, a frontal attack, total to unofficial apps. If it really should pass, as announced, from June 19th, it would mean certain death for all third-party Twitter apps.

To be honest, the official official Twitter app has come a long way since it took its first steps. But the fact that the social does everything possible to block in every competition (if this can be defined) a criticizable practice, at least from the point of view of public relations. Seconds some also shows that Twitter feels distressed.

What are the apps that will be blocked by Twitter

With its decision, Twitter will block third-party clients from June 19, 2018 and in particularTalon, Tweetbot, Tweetings and Twitterrific

If you want to protest against the blockade

If you are against the blocking of third-party clients by Twitter then make your voice heard through the website or on social media using lhashtag #BreakingMyTwitter on social media and of course on twitter