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Tumblr, with the app update you have more control over your blog

Customize the headers, fonts and color palettes of your Tumblr by choosing from 3.3 billion combinations: these are the new features of the mobile app update

Let's face it: the mobile application of Tumblr he never offered the same experience that people used to live from their computer. Finally this gap has been eliminated, thanks to update 3.6, available since yesterday.

Tumblr - Update 3.6

Now in fact possible customize header, font is color palette of your own Tumblr, directly from the mobile application, choosing from 3.3 billion combinations– no, we didn't count them, but we trusted what the Tumblr team declared.

Tumblr - iOS app

The new application is already available for iOS and Android and – as mentioned – makes it available functions related to customizationthat integrate with everything that was already available in terms of publishing content.

The goal of offering users a continuous experience, regardless of the device they are accessing, and should help Tumblr expand its own global distribution, even in those markets where mobile access is becoming crucial.


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