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The Top Power Banks to buy on Black Friday with Type-C, Lightning and MicroUSB

News that we insert after having tried it in the last days, the Romoss Mini Power Bank 10000 mAh it is second only to the iWalk we have recommended below. Not only does it have 2 standard USB ports with 3.2A maximum combined output (2A on a single top port), but it also has 3 charging systems that can keep everyone happy.

In fact there are MicroUSB, Lightning and Type-C connectors (input only does not allow recharging to other products) and therefore you can recharge it in any way. Finally, there is also an orange LED display that shows the percentage of recharge.

The list price is ? 18 but in the flash offer is ? 11. The only negative note is that despite being at 10000mAh, the yield is slightly lower than the industry average with around 6500mAH actually supplied in recharge.

Today we continue the #bestbuy column which seeks to offer a series of suggestions for the purchase of the best products in a specific category or price range. The term Best Buy is now inflated and often used improperly: with this heading we want to give this English term the right meaning.

Recommended products on which there is no need to wonder if there is something better, more recommended or with a higher quality / price ratio. If you see this column, you will only find items that deserve the purchase and, each time, we will explain why.

Today we talk about external batteries, products that are in high demand and whose demand has risen in recent years. There are endless models, brands, capacities and types but today we want to focus your attention on three products.

All the PowerBanks are obviously compatible with most mobile and non-mobile devices, our choice today takes the Apple world into consideration, iPhone and beyond, and try to find the best mobile charging solution for the entire Apple 2018 ecosystem.

AUKEY 10000mAh

Perfect solution for those looking for maximum portability, practicality and immediacy. Lightning connector to recharge the Powerbank, MicroUSB connector to recharge the Powerbank with a more universal standard and 2 complete USB ports with 2.4A output on a single port to connect all the products you want.

The added value for those who have an iPhone is that, with only the cable Lightning, recharge both the external battery and the smartphone.

iWalk 10000 / 20000mAh

Queen and King of the Power Banks of 10000 and 20000mAh respectively, iWalk are probably the perfect answer to all those who want the maximum capacity and the greatest possible flexibility. As explained in the video, in addition to having USB-C with PD, in and out of course, MicroUSB in for charging (also from Type-C clearly) and 1 Standard USB port, iWalk have 2 integrated cables with Type-C and MicroUSB + Lightning output.

This means that you will have, in a single product, all the standards of the outgoing market (and therefore for recharging) and the most common universal input standards (therefore to recharge the external battery). Moreover, despite the very small dimensions, you can even recharge 4 different products simultaneously using all the cables and outputs together.

In short, it is difficult to find better with the gem of the integrated stand.

For all indicated Powerbanks, take into account a 20/25% loss when charging other devices compared to the declared capacity.