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The new Facebook notification to check the apps that use your personal information

The warning that appears after accessing Facebook: a practical button allows you to access the settings section for managing the control of the apps that use user data.

After the Cambridge Analytic scandal, Zuckerberg keeps his word in front of the United States Congress offering more transparency on how to control who uses the personal data of users: simplified the procedure to check which applications use personal information via the Facebook login.

Facebook privacy notification

He had promised us, and at this point we were waiting for him: from April 15th some registered users of the famous social network have started receiving a notification as soon as they have accessed their personal Facebook account. This is one of the many measures that the company based in Menlo Park has decided to implement following the data caused by the inappropriate use of data by Cambridge Analytica.

Facebook notification to protect your information

The notification arrived on time and in full respect of the climate that is currently breathed in the universe that revolves around Facebook: after Mark Zuckerberg presented himself before the US Congress, admitting his faults and responsibilities and promising greater transparency, it was the most important consequence. direct.

The team working behind the scenes at Facebook has already implemented several countermeasures to stem the problem:

  1. Investigations are underway to analyze one by one all the applications that have requested access through the Facebook login, and therefore have been able to get their hands on sensitive information shared by the user on their profile;
  2. Access to subscriber data by developers will be limited;
  3. Users are provided with easy-to-use tools to better control their privacy.

The latter also includes the notification that is appearing on the Facebook user message boards that read:

Protection of your information

We know how important it is that your data is safe and we are simplifying the way you can decide which apps to share your information with. You can access the Apps section and websites of your settings at any time, to see which apps and sites web you are logged in via Facebook. You can also remove the ones you don't want to be connected to Facebook anymore.

Below the message, a practical button with the word Go to Settings allows you to immediately access the section that contains all the applications we have used through the Facebook login and, in the case, to withdraw the consent to those suspicious or no longer used.

The information that applications can access

This is a maneuver of considerable importance because there are some applications, really viral in the past, which under the guise of innocent games or quizzes have received authorization from the same subscribers to obtain information such as:

  • Network of contacts
  • Groups to which you are registered
  • Post in the diary
  • Relations
  • Job positions
  • Degree of education
  • Email address
  • City of origin or current
  • Birthday
  • Events
  • Photo
  • Content that has been left with a Like

Simplified privacy control

In fact, it must be said that Facebook has always been very cautious when it comes to the privacy of its members, and in recent years users have gradually had more control over their data entered into the world of social networks.

Today, however, Facebook's efforts are all in the direction of simplicity and transparency, which is why procedures that were long and tedious have now been made easier and more immediate: just tap or click on the button shown by the recent notification for decide whether to let applications, services or software continue to access our info, or to stop it espionage.