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The new Amazon Fire costs 60 euros

More powerful than the Samsung Tab 3 and stronger than the iPad Air. Here is the new inexpensive high-performance tablet presented by Amazon

Amazon Fire - (Photo: Amazon)Amazon Fire – (Photo: Amazon)

A novelty in the world of cheap tablets comes from Amazon. The e-commerce company has officially presented Fire, a tablet that promises performance and quality features at a very affordable price. Not exactly 50 euros we talked about, but we're almost there:59.99 euros.

To understand the strategy put in place by Amazon just take a look at the words that the CEO Jeff Bezos used to accompany the output of Fire: Today we take another step towards our goal of offering superior quality products at affordable prices with the new tablet for less than 60 euros. One cent less.

The technical details, in effect, play in his favor: quad-core processor at 1.3 GHz with computing power twice that of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite, 7-inch IPS screen (a detail that helps to outperform the economic competitors, who usually use TN screens), front and rear cameras, and an archiving memory expandable up to 128GB. All seasoned with exclusive functions and services, and access to allAmazon content ecosystem, with 38 million songs, books, games and applications available.

The user interface has also been improved through the new operating system Fire OS 5 Bellini. Finally, according to some drop tests carried out in the design phase, Fire would be almost twice as resistant as the last generation of iPad Air.

The new Amazon tablet will be available starting September 30th, but already available online.


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