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The end of the cable era?

The end of the cable era?

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After the debut of Airport, which took place last year in New York, the "wireless" could once again be one of the protagonists of the Expo that begins in a few days. This time, the mouse and keyboard could be freed from the constraint of cables and cables. Pushing Apple to revise these two essential components of the computer would be a double requirement. One dictated by the need to innovate and move ahead again from the technological point of view compared to other hardware protectors, the second to respond to the increasingly pressing requests of users whose criticism of the current desktop range keyboard and mouse may be dormant but certainly not tamed. Apart from the design of the mouse (which prompted most users to buy a third-party one) even today, professionals, particularly those who need to type long on the keyboard, criticize the small size of the Apple and the inconvenience determined by the lack of keys that were present in the old ADB extended keyboard. All these criticisms would answer, according to some reports collected by the internet, the Cupertino company presenting a new expanded keyboard version and a new mouse. The keyboard, in particular, would have the numeric keypad and the arrow keys arranged as in the previous versions, the "backward" delete keys would return and the function keys would reach up to 15. In addition to there would be available to all the keys already seen on the iBook and that can be programmed to check some system functions. The most important novelty would be that the keyboard would be free of cables and connected to the computer with an infrared device. Even the mouse, like the keyboard, would free itself from the physical constraint with the CPU using an infrared transmission device and like the keyboard would be redrawn. The handle would become more ergonomic and easier to maneuver. Once again, there may not be two buttons and a wheel as in most third-party mice. In their place there would appear a sort of press-sensitive trackpad with programmable areas. The deduction comes from the fact that the control panel of the next versions of the OS still today is the alpha similar to that used in the Powerbooks. But the major novelty for the mouse would be inside it. Instead of having the traditional ball, the movement would be detected through an optical mechanism (like that of Microsoft's Intellimouse) which would make the mouse more precise, also eliminating the need for cleaning and maintenance. solid in the assumptions that led to their elaboration remain for some question marks that prevent them from embracing them entirely. A so radical revision of the two input devices, for example, cannot be implemented without a revision of the CPU too. All current Apple desktops, for example, do not have the ability to receive signals from an infrared device. So it would become necessary to add an external dock to connect probably to the USB port to allow the mouse to communicate with the central unit. A complication certainly not very consistent with the line followed so far by Apple. In addition to there being a mouse and keyboard that should need internal batteries that when they are discharged force replacement, complicating life (and increasing operating costs). An alternative solution could be rechargeable batteries but also in this case additional costs and complications leave perplexity about the validity of the alternative. Not to mention, also in this case, the necessary changes to the hardware design (if the charging dock will be integrated in the case). In short, if there will be wireless mice and keyboards, it seems difficult to us that these will arrive in New York. If this is the case, we will probably also see new machines and new homes, indispensable for properly supporting this type of device (Achille Calegari, @ndrea, PPB and ApC contributed to this article)

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