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The biggest innovations of 2018 social media and how to keep up

There are many new features in the 2018 social media and it is not always easy to keep up, update, understand social media changes, new trends and what to do. Here a guide to the most important social media changes and how to adapt.

There are so many new social media 2018 and not always easy to keep up, update, understand social media changes, new trends and what to do.

Social media is undoubtedly a powerful marketing tool, but it also exposes you to intense competition. If you're not updating yourself on the latest trends and changes, you risk losing ground to your competitors on the 2018 social media news: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others are constantly updating themselves to meet the changing needs of consumers and businesses.

Here instead all the social media statistics updated to 2018

news of social media 2018

The biggest news on social media 2018: Facebook

new social media 2018

The management of Facebook advertisements and the news feed have undergone a significant revision. Only in the first quarter of 2018, Facebook has made more than a dozen changes that can have a significant impact on marketing results and costs.

The biggest news of this social media for 2018 is related to advertising on the platform: if you've ever used the A / B test function on Facebook to choose the best advertising image, you know that the process can be a bit confusing.

Now you can use Facebook's algorithms to find the best combination of images, titles and text, thanks to the new feature Dynamic Creative. Dynamic Creative allows you to include up to 30 creative resources when creating a Facebook ad. After the announcement is published, Facebook will perform some mixes and matches to determine which variant offers the best results.

Facebook has also introduced dynamic language optimization to enable the creation of multilingual ads, helping to expand public coverage.

Previously, you had to create several ad sets, with translations in different languages, but now you just need to create a single ad and choose from six different translations. Facebook will automatically optimize the marketing campaign budget and send your ads in the selected languages ??to the right audience.

In addition to the latest Ad Manager updates, Facebook has made major changes to its news feed to provide more reliable content for its users, and to avoid fake news: this is certainly one of the most important news on social media 2018. As a result of these changes, you can expect to see fewer advertisements from companies and publishers in your news feed, with more emphasis on the personal messages of family, friends and groups.

Facebook users will also see more content from local news sources. The purpose of this update is to counter the distribution of false news (the famous fake news) and improve the general quality of the news shared on the platform.

What these innovations mean for your company

Companies that try to make the best use of Facebook for marketing purposes should try to create high quality personalized content wherever possible, and use more effective call to action. These updates will help companies and marketing professionals keep pace with changes in communication trends, make their advertising more effective and ideally improve the efficiency of their marketing processes.

The biggest news on social media 2018: Instagram

new social media 2018

With several changes in the last year, Instagram become a more dynamic and engaging platform, both for users and for marketing professionals. In an attempt to satisfy user demand for better content management, the leading image-sharing platform has also launched a series of important updates in recent months that are likely to have an impact on the social marketing approach.

First of all, Instagram has recently introduced the possibility of following hashtags, a big one new social media 2018.

It eliminates the need for users to search for the content they are interested in, since any content with the hashtag followed will automatically appear in their main feed.

The "regram" option is another feature that has been on the wish list of Instagram users for a long time and now the platform is testing it, giving the possibility to share other people's posts on Instagram within their stories. .

Today sharing content on Instagram is not as easy as on Facebook or Twitter, as it requires users to have a third-party app. As a side effect this means that users can easily take a screenshot of another person's content and publish it without proper attribution.

What these Instagram updates mean for your company

As an entrepreneur or marketer, you can take advantage of the new "follow hashtag" feature to more easily monitor your company's hashtags. Furthermore, the use of hashtags to find targeted topics will give you a better view of the activities of the competition and the types of content that generate the most involvement.

The Regram option makes sharing UGC (user generated content) and other types of content much easier, also giving a correct attribution to the person who shared it first.

The biggest news on 2018 social media: LinkedIn

new social media 2018

Given that users who have lost interest in some of its features in the last year, LinkedIn is stepping up its business with a series of important updates, which are among the great innovations of social media 2018.

Among the great new features of social media for 2018 is the update of the LinkedIn groups. The function of LinkedIn groups has become less popular among users due to spam and the consequent lack of involvement. In an effort to encourage more people to use groups, the business platform has made the function accessible from the home page, with the latest content from the groups available in the feed and notifications on the home page. Moreover, users can now publish videos on Linkedin, a nice social media news.

LinkedIn has also updated its Sales Navigator app to make it easier and faster for companies to access information about their customers and potential customers.

It has also redesigned the account pages, improved the available search filters and introduced email alerts. The revised features also allow users to transfer data to company accounts with a self-service tool, one of the most interesting great news on social media 2018 for companies.

What these LinkedIN updates mean for your company

Businesses and marketing professionals can benefit from better communication, more data available and better account management. Group updates also improve the overall experience on LinkedIn, allowing greater connectivity and engagement, useful news on social media 2018.

The biggest news on social media 2018: Snapchat

new social media 2018

At the beginning of the year, Snapchat has undergone an important redesing, which has led to various changes to the interface and which has led to talk about one of the greatest innovations of social media 2018.

One of the most important updates is the separation of multimedia content from the "friends" content. It caused us an uproar that led over 800,000 users to sign a petition asking Snapchat to restore the app in the old version.

In response to complaints, Snapchat initially claimed that a major update like this can take some getting used to and users will find it more enjoyable once they get used to it.

What this Snapchat update means for your company

With the contents of the companies eliminated from the main feed, companies may have to consider paying to advertise on the platform if they want to reach the same levels of coverage and involvement they had before upgrading.

The update also gives the Snapchat algorithm more control over what users see on the Discover tab, putting further pressure on companies to push them to buy advertising, if they want to get their posts in front of their fans.

The biggest news in social media 2018: Stay on the crest of the wave

Social media is constantly evolving and the success of social media marketing efforts depends to a large extent on how well you are able to use the latest features offered by these platforms.

The good news is that if you can adapt to changes and experiment with new creative communication formats, you will be able to attract and engage people more effectively.