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Steam Remote Play, the local co-op is also played online on iOS and Android

Steam has released the beta of Remote Play Together at the end of October: well, the function now joins Anywhere and allows you to play the local co-op with friends online via the internet also on iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as on PC.

The functions of Remote Play can be used together! With the game running on a host PC, other players can join the fun in multiplayer with their mobile devices.

To join a game on their mobile device, users will have to accept the invitation through the Steam Chat mobile app, and the game will be started later in the Steam Link app.

Using Remote Play, video and audio will be sent from your PC to another device, and interacting on advanced settings you can adjust resolution and transmission speed. On a 5 GHz network, the target is 1080p at 60fps, with good quality for most scenes. To reach 4K, you need a latest-generation computer, a wired network and a high-performance client device.

To celebrate the arrival of the Remote Play Together + Anywhere, Steam has started interesting balances on a vast catalog of games which include shared screen mode or local co-op including Spelunky, Stranger Things 3: The Game is Frog Climbers and many others. The complete list of promotions is available on the official website of Steam (link in SOURCE).