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Social media for business: 5 things to know

Social media for business: social media are useful for everyone but above all they are essential for brands, for companies. Here are five things to keep in mind when building your social media strategy.

Social media for the business: social media are useful for everyone but above all they are indispensable for brands. Here are five things to keep in mind when building your strategy

* By Emanuela Zaccone, social TV enterpreneur, Social media strategist & analist

Social media for business: 5 things to know

More than ten years ago I started working on social media. They are not even looking for specific titles to define those who dealt with those things, no distinction between the various roles. The brands, taken by the enthusiasm for the novelty and often without knowing exactly why they are present on these channels, have launched into campaigns and activity. It didn't take long before everyone started to wonder where the ROI of social media was or to understand that maybe the question wasn't as trivial as it might have seemed. In short, these channels had to be taken seriously. In fact, in short, they would have really changed the rules of the game, social media was born for business. They would revolutionize not only our way of interacting with brands, but also of telling us. I would like to say that after so many years everyone has learned to do their best and create extraordinary campaigns. Well, it didn't go exactly that. Indeed, there are (at least) 5 lessons still to be learned.

Social Media for Business

1. Social media is not free

Let's get over it. We can have the best intentions and the most brilliant ideas in strategic terms but the business model on which ladvertising is based.

If we want to expand the reach of the content we publish on Facebook we will have to create campaigns. And the same goes for the other channels.

The romantic myth of the viralit on the genial content in reality only a sporadic case that cannot become the main objective of a social media marketing strategy.

We must work well and also include any advertising investments in planning. Not only that it is important to invest in people. There is no sudden social media marketer, strategist or analyst.

These are skills that must be acquired and acquired costs. Even if the social platforms are relatively simple, this does not mean that using them in a professional way is the same. Here's the first thing to know if you really want to use social media for business.

2. Rely on professionals

Social media marketing is a relatively new sector, so it is normal that there is a significant number of people with an experience that is not too long in this area, but not a justification for confusing animated well-meaning beginners with professionals.

If you need a professional select it carefully, perhaps looking at what has been done previously for other brands in the industry.

If you decide instead to bet on a junior resource to make grow, invest also in its formation. And do you avoid with both sentences the kind that it takes? Even my cousin knows how to do it, not the right attitude if you want results from social media for business.

3. Update yourself

Social media, and even more social media for business, change rapidly.

Not just a question of how fast the various platforms are to release new features, even a theme of use that users make of it and that can make some functions more or less popular.

A trivial example: the explosion and the success of the stories on Instagram that have forced the brand who still did not work to invest time quickly, creativity and resources to generate suitable content.

4. Select the channels

one of the themes dearest to me and apparently also the one that is still less received by the brands.

In fact, the idea persists that you have to be present everywhere, however endorsed by my competitor's approaches so I must be there. It doesn't work that way. We need to choose the social media to be present based on our strategy and consistently with mission and brand image. Choose fundamental for those who use social media for business.

5. Measure

I never get enough of repeating it. With social media for business there is no social action without measurement.

Attention, this does not mean merely making reports ex post periodically. We must have a constant analysis plan that allows us to understand immediately if: a) le actions that are taking place on social media are effectiveb) identify any conversations emerging around the brand that occur on channels different from those directly controlled by the company (for example tweets that contain keywords related to our brand or that mention it without mentioning it directly in the form @nomebrand)

Social Media for business, final advice

The most important lesson learned in these years on social media for business?

Social media are useful for everyone but above all they are indispensable for brands. To be competitive, you need to be able to create value and bonds for your online communities. In a different way, it means continuing to talk to yourself. Isolating yourself. Succumb.

** Emanuela Zaccone:Digital Entrepreneur, co-founder and Marketing & Product Manager of He has over 10 years of experience as a consultant and lecturer in social media analysis and strategy for large companies, startups and universities. author of Digital Entrepreneur: principles, practices and skills for her own startup (Franco Angeli, 2016) and Social Media Monitoring: from conversations to strategy (Flaccovio, 2015).