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Snapchat forced to admit it, the photos sent do not really disappear

The US Federal Trade Commission has forced the photo messaging app to admit that photos, data and user content are not permanently deleted

(Photo: Getty Images)(Photo: Getty Images)

One of the strong points of Snapchat certainly the volatility of the contents exchanged between users who, on paper, are automatically removed from the application a few seconds after display.

On paper.

According to an agreement with the FTC, in fact, the private messaging app it will no longer be possible to communicate that the photos "disappear forever" or that "are not saved". LA FTC, in fact, highlighted that, given the possibility of logging on to Snapchat through third-party apps and acknowledged that the functionality that allows you to delete content usable only within the official application , people can actually permanently save snaps – for example by connecting their smartphone to a computer and accessing the device's file folder.

The "accusations" do not stop there and also include the possibility that the app has registered and transferred information related to the location physics of people and who exposed to the hacking of usernames and phone numbers over 4.5 million users. Snapchat herself, in light of this evidence, admitted in a blog post that there were some oversights in the communication concerning certain aspects of privacy, but that in the future the protection of the same will become a priority also in terms of investments.

Pending developments, if you have been particularly unscrupulous in using the vehicle, know that your pranks may not have been exactly dispersed in the ether …


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