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Self 3.0, the petrol you pay for from your smartphone

Self 3.0 will allow you to find the nearest distributor and pay fuel from within the app itself

(Photo: Auriga)(Photo: Auriga)

The Italian app, which aims to improve self-service supply management, combines geolocation and secure payments: Self 3.0it allows you to go through all the stages of refueling comfortably seated in the car. It starts from the search for the nearest filling station, signaled on an in-app map able to take you to your destination via satellite navigation.

The second step la booking of the petrol pump, followed by the choice of the type of fuel required, the amount and the method of payment among the various credit cards registered on the smartphone. Finally, the pin is inserted and all that remains is to get out of the cockpit, fill up and wait for the confirmation SMS of payment and receipt by email.

The Self 3.0 service will be activated at the discretion of the operators in the stations equipped with the Passport Europe Gilbarco automatic refueling system.


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