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Pixel C, the perfect tablet according to Google

small, light and has a magnetic keyboard that is always ready to use. Will arrive by the end of the year

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London – It's called Pixel, but not a new Chromebook. Instead the last of the products unveiled by Googledurante the launch event of the new Nexus a tablet with removable magnetic keyboard. A hybrid that recalls the Surface a bit, although with different dimensions and functions.

"Tablets are great for games, for reading or watching a movie"said Andrew Bowers, Director of Product Management at Google. "But they must also be as useful as a laptop to write a document or answer a long email." According to Google, all the tablets in circulation have a flaw: the keyboard just a stupid accessory, to be used resting on a desk or remaining in between when not needed. With Pixel C, Google wanted to rethink the idea of ??a hybrid, a combination of touch and keyboard, to create an experience that is not simply the sum of the two possibilities.

The result Pixel C, aluminum tablet with magnetic keyboard: When closed, the two parts are held together by self-aligning magnets; in the same way, when you want to use only the tablet, the keyboard can be attached to the bottom of the tablet. When it is time to use it, instead, just place the lower part of the tablet on the upper part of the keyboard and raise it with an inclination between 100 and 135 degrees. There are no connectors, there are no hooks. And the magnets are powerful enough to hold two parts together even if we only hold one. The connection is via Bluetooth and the Pixel always recognizes whether the keyboard is in use or not, to show or hide the virtual keyboard on the screen depending on the time.

The keyboard has its own battery, but it will not need recharging: when closed, in fact, the tablet recharges its accessory in induction. ?It takes just a few seconds to add days of autonomy. And even if you never close it, it can still last two months of use ?.

There are not many details on the product, the only one missing from those on display after the conference. We know that the 10.2-inch screen with 2560 × 1800 resolution, a density of 308 pixels per inch and a ratio of 1: 2 sides.The complete QWERTY keyboard, although the trick is: to be reduced to the right size, five normally-used symbol keys have been virtualized and will be accessible on the screen. Pixel C has two stereo speakers and 4 microphones, for maximum interaction with voice commands.

Produced entirely by Google, the Pixel C the first tablet made in Mountain View and naturally has Android 6.0 Marshmallow as its operating system.

It will be available by the end of the year e cost $ 499 in the 32GB version and 599 in the 64GB version. The keyboard, on the other hand, will be sold separately for $ 149.


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