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Paying with the smartwatch, Starbucks tries with PayPal

PayPal is experimenting in a Starbucks the payment system via Beacon with the Galaxy Gear 2 to say goodbye to wallets, credit cards and even to the smartphone

(Photo: Getty Images)(Photo: Getty Images)

The key elements for the growth of the mobile industry are transaction security and their speed. We are working on NFC and other systems, but we are not yet at the only hyper-secure and instantaneous standard, and perhaps not even sensible to hope to get there.

Meanwhile, PayPal, the online payment giant, is experimenting with a system to allow the payments via smartwatch. This demonstration video immediately illustrates the procedure without many explanations:

From direct payment in one store to online, the system is very simple and practical: just the pressure of the index finger on the app and the transaction starts. If the video shows a payment via smartphone, Paypal is also testing with a smartwatch: to pay for coffee at the Starbucks on the corporate campus in San Jos, you just need a Samsung Gear 2 on your wrist, you don't need anything else.

The clock app receives a push notification when you enter the shop or area where the PayPal Beacon system has been installed, the hardware parallelepiped that uses Bluetooth to allow free-hand payments. At this point, the user's name and photo appear automatically in the store's payment system; then, once the payment of the item has been confirmed by digital signature, another notification arrives on the wrist.

Therefore, through Beacon, wallets, credit cards and even a smartphone are no longer needed. Samsung's smartwatch and your index finger are enough, as well skip the login procedure. In short, speed, simplicity and security.PayPal plans to extend to thousands of shops his system and the comments coming from the house are positive: according to the PR manager Kathy Chui, the employees of the company who are testing the payment system at Starbucks are enthusiastic.


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