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Palm earns.

For Palm, there are 350.2 million dollars in revenue, up 101% compared to a year ago and 0.02 $ is the dividend distributed to shareholders (a penny more than expected). Once the accounts of the separation from 3Com ($ 19.6 million in this year) are made, there are $ 12.4 million in collection for this quarter. In Santa Clara they jump for joy at these figures which demonstrate the solidity of this company, now completely independent.

In this quarter from the Palm factories (warehouses reduced to about a month) 1.1 million pieces were released (including Palm III, Palm V and Palm VII) for a total of 7.1 million Palm around the world.

In this quarter, Palm has invested in and the acquisition will soon be completed but also in Actual Software which has provided integration with Palm for email and instant messaging.

At PC Expo, Palm announced:

– Palm Mobile Internet Kit, will allow Palm III and Palm V owners around the world to access the Internet access now enjoyed by Palm VII users in some parts of the United States in the autumn.

– Twenty-five new content providers that will enrich Palm.Net, the future service that will implement new Palm.

– the license to Sony for its version of Palm that includes SD cards (Palm intends to use them for wireless Bluetooth connectivity), Secure Digital, Sony Memory Sticks, Compact Flash cards and Handspring modules.