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Now you can book Uber from Google Maps

Uber announces the partnership with Google, thanks to which it will be possible to book your ride directly from Google Maps

Uber lands on Google Maps: now it is possible to access the service directly from Google maps.How does it work? But of course. If Uber installed on your smartphone, when you calculate a route, you will be offered the opportunity to compare the travel time on foot, compared to that needed to reach the destination using Uber. The user can choose to book your ride, and the Uber app will open.

interesting as Google has chosen Uber for such integration: in fact, the first time Google Maps works in such close contact with a third-party application, but only the first move of a much wider maneuver, which includes – for example – the evolution of the local search, which allows you to filter restaurants, bars and hotels based on their opening hours, the rating of other users and the price (going to compete aggressively with services like Yelp).

Since its inception, Google Maps has had as its primary focus to help people find the best way to explore cities around the world, and visit the places that interest them, but the addition of such functions – and partnerships like the one announced from Uber – the service becomes more and more complete and close to people's needs, thanks to an experience that – in fact – eliminates the friction created by one service to another.

For now it does not seem available yet in Italy, but only in a score of cities in the USA and Canada.


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