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Netatmo: the thermostat becomes smart

Netatmo a smart thermostat that is controlled via smartphone, compatible with most home heating systems

Netatmo is an intelligent thermostat that can be controlled via smartphone. It is an easy to install solution, compatible with most home heating systems (or for the office), which also allows you to control and regulate the temperature of your home by remote, using a app for smartphones and tablets (compatible with Android, Windows Phone and iOS systems) or from any computer, via Web-app accessible from the Internet browser. The Netatmo thermostat completely replaces the one traditionally present in every system of heating. The kit includes two modules: the first is the relay that controls the activation of the heating system and acts as a link between the second module, the actual thermostat, and its Wi-Fi access point. The communication between the relay and thermostat is via radio , therefore it is possible to position the latter anywhere in your home, up to a maximum distance of 100 meters. One of the two modules must be connected via wire, depending on the type of installation used: an operation within the reach of anyone with a minimum of familiar with electrical connections. The relay must also be connected to the mains supply, while the thermostat operates with three mini-batteries (which guarantee a one-year autonomy) and can therefore be possibly moved to the place it intends to adopt as a reference for temperature control. With the Netatmo thermostat moreover, you don't have to worry about ruining the aesthetics of your environment: unlike standard thermostats, which usually don't look particularly elegant, Netatmo was designed by Philippe Starck and has therefore a very pleasant design, with customizable colors according to your tastes by choosing from five different interchangeable profiles. At the center of the thermostat there is a display based on e-paper technology, the same used by the so-called eBook readers, which shows the current and the programmed temperature. By pressing the upper or lower part of the thermostat it is possible to directly adjust the temperature without resorting to the app. To use the smartphone, tablet or any computer to control the temperature, it is necessary to establish the connection between the Netatmo and its Wi-Fi router . The Netatmo system is compatible with the 802.11b / g / n standard, and therefore practically with all the wireless networks. At the first installation, you connect via Bluetooth to the relay module, and then proceed with the configuration of the Wi-Fi connection with the own router, possibly entering the access password.