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Monitor Amazon product prices on iPhone and iPad

Monitor Amazon product prices

Our advice today for regular buyers of the largest e-commerce site! There is a quick way to find out the price history of an Amazon product using the app commands on iPhone or iPad. Find out how you can save so many pennies by buying a product when it is offered at the lowest price.

Product prices on Amazon are constantly changing in the blink of an eye. Therefore, it is advisable to keep an eye on the price history before purchasing the product you are interested in. This method makes it easier to find out if this is the right time to conclude the deal or not.

To track the price of any item, you can use several third-party apps. But what if I tell you that there is a smart method? Thanks to a quick shortcut, you can immediately find out the price history of any Amazon product on your iPhone or iPad. If you are a frequent visitor to Amazon, this trick could help you save a lot of money. Let's find out how it works!

View the price history of an Amazon product on your iPhone or iPad

To get started, make sure you've already installed the app commands on your device. If you haven't already done so, go to the App Store and download it now. available for free. It is a quick command app that manages to combine in a single command a series of procedures that are done with different apps.

First, click on this direct link to get Amazon's price history on your iOS device. Now, touchGet quick commands?To add it to your library.

quick commands

Next, start the Amazon app or go to using a web browser like Safari. The process is very similar. Then find the product with the price history you want to know.

In this test, we will see the price of the Amazon Echo smart speaker.

Amazon app

Go ahead and touch the button Share.

In the sharing section, tap on the icon Quick commands.

Quick commands

Note: if you are using the Commands app for the first time, you must first add it to the sharing section. To do this, tap the Other active button and the switch next to the app tap on Finish to confirm.

On the next screen, tap the link Amazon price history (Amazon Price History) to execute it.

Amazon price history

Now, wait a few seconds. The app will show you the product price chart on the screen. Use it to understand if the right time to seize the deal or wait for some time.

The shortcut app retrieves data from, which is a well-known Amazon price tracking site.

Amazon price monitoring

After checking the price change if increased or decreased over time, you can share it with your friends by tapping the button Share top right. In the end, touch end to finish.

This pretty much everything!

Be sure to make the most of this tip to choose the best deals on Amazon. I'm sure it can be very decisive to save you a lot of money.