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Microsoft Surface Pro 3: a pink future

Microsoft Surface Pro 3: a pink future. The tablet that wants to replace PCs is also aimed at women.

Microsoft Surface Pro3, on the Italian market from the end of August, ready to conquer the female audience.

by Daniela Schicchi

The official launch was done. Surface Pro3, the latest addition to Microsoft, made its official entry into the technological landscape. If you have tried the previous models, you will be surprised how much the 2 in1 mode of this device has been perfected to the point of wavering, in their rooted and radical opinions, even the most skeptical about it. Claudia Bonatti, director of the Windows Client Division of Microsoft Italia, told us about the female point of view in front of so much technological evolution. What do women want from a device? What are they looking for? How much do the pink quotas influence the choice and the market trend?

ClaudiaBonatti_light "width =" 199 "height =" 300 "srcset =" 199w, https: //www.digitalic. it / wp-content / uploads / 2014/07 / ClaudiaBonatti_light-681x1024.jpg 681w, 1416w "sizes =" (max- width: 199px) 100vw, 199px "/> Women are perhaps less technical, but very technological. What do they ask for?</strong></p>
<p>We women want something comfortable and efficient. A device that allows us to maintain our multitasking trend, which is reliable, easily manageable and guarantees a positive user experience.</p>
<p><strong>What makes Surface Pro3 different, better and the right choice than its predecessors?</strong></p>
<p>Many factors, but for us women surely the fact that in the Pro3 version we meet the lightness of the first RT version and the power of the Pro version. In addition, the 11-inch display (the previous ones were 10) offers a fantastic experience when watching pictures, videos and movies.</p>
<p><strong>Mobility, therefore, remains the watchword. And the battery, usually the sore point of every device we use every day?</strong></p>
<p>The battery is another factor enabling work in mobility or fun depending on the moments and personal choices. We have tested Surface Pro3 and guarantees a duration of at least 9 hours of internet surfing.</p>
<p><strong>Speaking of moments and personal choices, do we call it a tablet or pc?</strong></p>
<p>The Surface range, and this latter device in particular, is placed in a new category, in its own right. Surface a device able to completely replace a tablet or to be just a tablet if desired, but with a series of advantages. USB 3.0 port, configurations of various levels depending on the need, low weight and design.</p>
<p><strong>Design is a fundamental aspect, especially for women. In which colors is the new jewel available?</strong></p>
<p>The colors are blue, light blue, purple, black and red. At least for now!</p>
<p><strong>How much, at Microsoft, do you evaluate female users in the choices useful for the development of a final product?</strong></p>
<p>Very, very much. We are a company with a very high percentage of women employees and we know we are a force! One cannot ignore considering the pink side of technology, because women are excellent users, technologically attentive to the news and true trend setters also in this sector.</p>
<p><strong>Last key, perhaps, painful to deal with. The price.</strong></p>
<p>I wouldn't say so sore. The configurations available are very numerous precisely to find the right price for each user without giving up the required services. It starts from the basic configuration available at a cost of 819 euros, to get to the top version at a price of 1969 euros. But in between there are many possibilities of choice and price.</p>

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