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McAfee launches Chadder, an encrypted instant messaging app

The new messaging application for Android and Windows Phone aims to protect the privacy and security of conversations exchanged between people thanks to an encryption system


John McAfee after his period of inaction (quietly, all the accusations have fallen and he is now a free man) returns to talk about himself for his latest creation, Chadder. How it works Only those who receive the message can read the message in the clear. Any ill-intentioned – someone said NSA? – that you intercept the conversation will only see a set of encrypted and indecipherable characters.

Protection begins with registration. The recording mode is in fact more similar to the old chats than to the latest generation systems. Start by entering a nickname and a password. Once inside the system, it is possible to make oneself findable by others in two different ways: the insertion of the phone number or email; or by creating a unique code to share, in a BlackBerry Messenger style.

The team that developed the project is well tested: we are talking about Future Tense Private Systems (FTC) – in collaboration with Etransfr – the same McAfee company that worked on Dcentral1 app. Not even they who have developed the app have the keys to decipher what is being exchanged by users. Hence the motto of Chadder: Say what you want! > {) (We cant see it anyway!).

For now the application is in beta – so expect a series of bugs during use – and retraces the footsteps of other experiments that focus on privacy. Telegram it is an example in the field of messaging and Mega (do you remember? The successor of Megaupload) and the counterpart in the storing cloud: nobody, not even the developers themselves, was able to decipher the links that led to the files saved in the space cloud.

We leave you with Chadder's promo video and with links to download it. Let us know if you consider it useful and above all necessary.

Windows Phone | Android


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