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Matteo Renzi: "Technology is not the stuff of geeks, but a great opportunity"

Matteo Renzi inaugurated the Italian semester in Europe with technology, in Venice during the Digital Venice. Not just politicians, businessmen and the web

At the Digital Venice (#DigitalVenice) for 24 hours Italy was at the center of Europe thanks to technology and innovation. The digital week in Venice hosted the European round table More 8, more Europe on 8 July.

Matteo Renzi: technology is the greatest opportunity we have

It was also the first official meeting with Italy and Matteo Renzi as president of the European Union council and a good sign that it opened with a discussion on the possibilities that the digital world offers Europe to be more united and to grow. politicians, but also the managing directors of the most important technological companies such as Microsoft, IBM, HP, Cisco, Sap, Oracle, Italtel, Alcatel and also Yoox, Facebook, Google, the Asian giants like Samsung and Huawei and all the telecommunications companies ( Telecom, Vodofane, Wind, France Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica). I am glad Renzi started out saying that the first meeting of the Italian presidency is on digital and that the main speakers are not politicians, but people from the world of technology.

Jeremy Rifkin from Matteo Renzi: in Italy you can realize the American dream, or better still

The introductory speech was given by Jeremy Rifkin, an economist, on whose theory of the third industrial revolution many of Europe's decisions are based. the theorist of European Dream opposed to the American Dream and made not only of personal progress but also of culture and social development, realized through the information economy. Matteo Renzi was struck by Rifkin's words also because before meeting him in person he said the council chairman I met him in his libri.Renzi believes in digital technology so much so that he said: We must stop thinking that technology is geeky stuff, not only for a small group of professionals, but the segment that is offering the largest number of new jobs in Italy and not only in Europe, the basis on which to build a true European unit: We cannot speak of a common market, if not before a single digital market in Europe.

Matteo Renzi: we want to innovate for years, not for months

These six months that see Italy at the presidency of Europe are important, but we must look further: Italy will lead Europe for six months and frankly not that this is such a big thing competitive advantage, we want to innovate for years not for months. It really looks new in the salons of the Venice Arsenal and Italy has made a good impression by bringing the digital media to the center of the European discussion … apart from the indecision with Renzi's English that in the rush to communicate and convincing has bickered with Anglo-Saxon language: process blocked to say blocked judicial processes. Not even the prompters gave him a hand: he asked in Italian how do you say patent in English? and someone must have suggested license, which he repeated. It must have been convincing, however, because George Ming Zhao, president of the Chinese giant Huawei, said at the end of the meeting: We felt the strong commitment of Italy and Europe on digital issues and this drives us to invest more in Europe and in Italy, where we found extraordinary talents. From the large multinationals present there came a message above all: to do and to do immediately. The best synthesis is that of Henry Van Dornmalen of IBM Now, How, Wow.

Matteo Renzi closes with a sentence that remains imprinted: Italy must change face, indeed interface.