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Like Flashing TWRP on any smartphone

twrp recovery

If you want to install a new modified ROM or reset the Android device, you may need to flash a new customized recovery, capable of performing many more operations than the recovery stock provided by the manufacturer. In this guide you will find everything you need: you'll see how to flash TWRP (the most famous custom recovery) in a simple and painless way. We will explain step by step what you have to do, so as to reduce the risk of errors to zero.

How to flash TWRP Recovery

The modding still widely used in the Android world, because the desire to customize your device is still strong. With this procedure you can play around with many changes you can make on your phone, and the transition to install a recovery as a TWRP absolutely necessary.

Caution: the procedure quite safe, but in case of error the smartphone can be damaged irreparably. The site assumes no responsibility for damage to things or persons resulting from the use of this guide.

Download TWRP

The TWRP can be downloaded for free by searching on the website for the specific version for your smartphone. The site available below.


The site will appear as shown below.

download TWRP

You can search your smartphone using the search field at the top of the site.

flash TWRP

Once the device name has been entered, press the Enter key on the keyboard to start the search. Immediately below the search bar will appear all the devices that correspond to the name.

Flash TWRP recovery

Click on your smartphone name to open the summary page with TWRP download links.

Flash TWRP on smartphone

Scrolling down the page you will find the links you need to download the new recovery.

flash TWRP

Click on one of the two links to start downloading with your browser. The downloaded file in .img format, to be used with the tools that will advise you in the next paragraph.

Flash TWRP: prepare your PC

To flash TWRP you will need to use a PC with Windows installed and two essential tools for flashing: ADB and Fastboot. You can download both very quickly and easily using the tool provided by XDA Developers, the forum where all Android third-party developers discuss and exchange ideas.

The link to download ADB and Fastboot the following.

LINK | ADB and Fastboot

Once downloaded and started you will see a blue terminal window similar to the following.

Flash TWRP on android smartphone

For when it may seem difficult, just type the letter Y followed by the Enter key to install all the required components.

Flash TWRP: smartphone preparation

Even the smartphone must be prepared for the flashing operation. In order to flash TWRP, USB Debugging must be enabled on the device.

To do this, you just need to take yourself to the Developer options and enable the item USB Debug.

how to install TWRP

If the Developer options are not present on your smartphone you can activate this secret menu item by repeatedly tapping on Build Number, present in Device Info within the settings.

Flash TWRP

Now that everything is ready, you can configure TWRP on your smartphone. Connect the latter to the PC for access via USB cable; the Windows system will automatically install all the drivers needed for the operation.

Now open the folder where the TWRP .img file is kept (better if you create a separate empty folder, more convenient) and right-click (while holding SHIFT) at any empty point of the folder to see the context menu appear and the voice Open Powershell window here or Open prompt here.

TWRP Recovery

Now you are ready to flash TWRP! Inside the terminal window that you have just opened, enter the first command useful to restart the phone in Fastboot mode.

adb reboot bootloader

Once this command has been typed, press Enter on the keyboard. You will see your smartphone turn off and restart on its own. Wait a few minutes then always from the window of the terminal you opened before entering the command to flash the TWRP on the Android device.

fastboot flash recovery twrp-x.x.x.x-xxx.img

Obviously in place of the Xs you will have to type the version numbers of the downloaded TWRP. If you have difficulty writing you can help with the TAB key on the keyboard to automatically complete the file names.

Wait a few minutes, then restart the device in normal mode with the following command.

fastboot reboot

You have just finished flashing TWRP, you can unplug the USB plug and try the new recovery.

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