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LG prepares a hybrid tablet

Voices inside the Korean company speak of a new device that will work both as a tablet and a laptop. Something like the Microsoft Surface Pro 3

(Photo: Lg)(Photo: LG)

LG had already tried it with Tab Book in 2013 (and in July with the new version with Android), a "transformable" tablet with a removable keyboard. Now it seems to be planning to replicate with a hybrid tablet similar to the Microsoft Surface Pro 3: it remains a tablet until you add the removable keyboard, then it works like a laptop.

According to rumors from unofficial rumors of LG, the hybrid gadget should arrive equipped with a fourth generation Intel processor and with a solid state memory unit for greater energy efficiency (and not only) of the device. Furthermore, the keyboard is likely to be equipped with atouchpad.

The price and date d arrival of the signed hybrid tablet LG still remain unknown.


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