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Less envy, more Nvidia

Less envy, more Nvidia

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Is the close indissoluble and, for some, even not very advantageous in terms of performance, an alliance with ATI going to end? The legitimate suspicion to listen to someone who begins to draw conclusions and to build predictions on the increasingly insistent rumors of agreements that Apple would have almost reached with 3dfx and Nvidia to offer different builds from the Canadian manufacturer in order to build on the Apple Store. In the past few hours, then, those who suspect that something really big and revolutionary is boiling in the pot has found new confirmations in an article on the site specializing in PC hardware AnadTech that in the context of a review of the GeForce 2 MX chip claimed that the processor could "be part of a couple of Apple announcements from here to the end of the year, if things go as they think".

If the rumor were confirmed it would be a real "bomb" since the GeForce 2 MX is a low-power chip (only 4 Watts) designed mainly for use in laptops or for machines that need to dissipate little heat . If any of you were thinking about iBooks, PowerBooks and iMacs, you wouldn't be wrong. According to some sites, in fact, Apple would have approached Nvidia precisely to verify the possibility of using the GeForce 2 MX in its low-end machines and in laptops. At the moment it is difficult to understand whether these are simple items, intentions or agreements reached, but the idea that Apple can use a Nvdia processor that in AnandTech tests beats (and by far) the ATI 128 at a ridiculously low price compared to the competition, a hypothesis that is really very appealing and that could even appear so to Apple. to see what fallout this decision could have on relations with ATI whose contribution, once essential, would become marginal. In the G4 sector, ATI cards would be supplied as standard, but there would be an option in build to order (at least on the Apple Store) for Nvidia and 3dfx cards, in laptops and iMacs, the ATI would disappear to make room for Nvidia ( perhaps produced by Creative, which has already established relationships with Apple).

In practice, the constraint we mentioned just above would in fact be completely dissolved and the situation could also irritate the Canadian producer. Of course if instead of an exclusive relationship a competitive one would be established, the benefits for the platform and for the users would be evident, but first Apple should be certain that the falling in love with 3dfx and Nvidia is not passing. The risk of being halfway and without a bank to reach. In any case, we will know something more at MacWorld in a few days. One of the announcements that AnandTech mentions could really be placed in the fine frame of the Steve Jobs keynote.

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