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Jobs does not give you three, we give you seven (PCI slot)

Jobs there are three, we give you seven (PCI slot)

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The chassis (standard rack format) is not particularly elegant or "cool" but it serves its purpose just point … in this "box" there are seven slots for as many PCI cards (like d24, MIX Farm, MIX I / O is the DSP Farm family, but also SampleCell II Plus and Pro Tools | 24 (d24) and Pro Tools | 24 MIX-MIX Farm, MIX Core-) for use with the famous Digidesign, Pro Tools | 24 and Pro Tools programs | Mix.

Mac PCI Expansion Chassis, model DD22-1, can work with blue and white PowerMac G3 and any G4 with at least MacOS 8.6 and ProTools 5.0.1 and is subsequently cooled with 26 dB fans (in these cases the noise is extremely important even if the racks are often remote) 42.5 CFM.

Compared to another Digidesign model with 13 slots, this costs $ 500 less, or $ 1495.

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