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It's a Tuner but it's not really a radio.

It's a Tuner but it's not really a radio.

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Aladdin is famous for StuffIt and derivatives, which are the de facto standards for the platform most loved by Macity readers, but about two years ago the Californian company expanded its core business by beginning to gobble up several small independent companies with excellent and innovative shareware and / or commercial programs giving them greater visibility and success thanks to the distributive power of the "Aladdin's lamp".

Tuner 3.0 (direct successor to MacTuner, so it is a free upgrade for previously registered users, for new ones after a free 1-month evaluation period the cost will be $ 29.95) allows you to receive different formats of Live Internet Radio (also video), MP3, CD reads and recognizes them (thanks to the CDDB, Inc. database), supports skins, etc, in short, it is called a Global Internet SuperTuner.

Currently 3400 streams are calculated (including audio and video, including some air traffic control towers, mainly US police and fire brigades) on the network and Tuner 3.0 supports both Real streams and QuickTime and Windows Media Player format. Tuner 3.0 will automatically update as its resources are updated. Thanks to the Tuner World Browser it will be easy to search by geographical area for the station you are interested in.

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