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Italian Post Office: on the Internet, seriously

Italian Post Office: on the Internet, seriously

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Here is the list of some of the services that will be activated starting from July: – "Postemail": a sort of "e-mail" cassette offered free of charge – "Telegram": to write online telegrams which the recipient will be able to receive within a few hours directly from the hands of the postman; – "Interposed": a letter written online becomes a real paper letter and will be delivered directly to the recipient; – "bulletin": to pay bills directly from home; – "BancoPostaOnline": to manage your own current account – "Where and when": finally even in Italy it will be possible to follow at any time and in real time the route of national shipments made by Registered Mail and PostacelereThese services are added to others already announced but of which not yet defined one official start date but in all likelihood will always start in July. Interesting in this sense, the agreement with Pitney Bowes (the company that invented the electronic franking system and that already operates on behalf of 27 postal companies around the world) for the new franking method, the so-called "electronic stamp" . Thanks to this system, any person with a computer connected to the Internet and a printer can free their letters, as happens with the franking machines long used by companies; payment will be made by debit from a postal current account or by credit card. This is the first "electronic stamp" project realized in Europe. The service will be offered at the same cost as the normal postage, without any additional cost to the user. On the Poste Italiane website ( all the information on the products and services offered, as well as an engine are already available. search for postal codes and post offices, and the possibility of electronic tracking of shipments made with the "Postacelere" express courier (by Mauro Notarianni)

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