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Instagram Focus: the new Portrait mode for videos and photos

Instagram introduces Focus, a portrait mode that blurs the background while keeping a clear person's face for a stylized and professional photographic look.

Instagram launches Focus, a portrait modeand also works with video and not only with the photo. Last month, rumors referred to a Focus feature hidden in the Instagram code, which the company began testing publicly a week later.

Instagram Focus: the new Portrait mode for videos and photos

Now Instagram is developing Focus, a mode that blurs the background while keeping the face of a person clear for a stylized and professional photographic look. "Focus mode takes advantage of background segmentation and face detection technology," said an Instagram spokesman when asked how it works, without the need for a dual camera.

The formats of the Focus Instagram portrait mode

Instagram Focus available in the Instagram Stories format options together with Boomerang and Superzoom for both selfie and rear camera modes and in global circulation today for iPhone 6s, 6s +, 7, 7+, 8, 8+ and X, as well as for some Android devices.

The function comparable to the mode Apple portrait that only works on iPhone 7+, 8+, and X and on Android Portrait mode that exists on Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. The launch of Instagram could also draw attention to "fake portrait mode" apps like Magic Portrait Mode, FabFocus, LightX and Point Blur which can also add "blurred" bokeh effects to images.

instagram portrait mode

Instagram Focus, the portrait mode that blurs the background

Some comparisons show a slight potential problem, which is that Focus blurs the background, but it can also make the edges of the face a bit confused. There iPhone portrait mode that uses the double cameras of the latest models does a bit better in keeping the entire face in focusor, but not available on older iPhones and can not film videos in this mode.

Focus gives people another reason to choose Instagram instead of Snapchat and make filming in the Instagram app more appealing. After eight years of sunsets and artistic coffee and milk, are the selfies and portraits that are still fresh on Instagram. Making you look better at portraits could keep Instagram from becoming stale as it gets close to 1 billion users.

Stickers and mention Instagram

Meanwhile, Instagram is starting to gradually launch gThe Mention stickers make it easy to tag friends in a story with stylized graphics instead of just text. Instagram tested these stickers last month, but is now starting to make them available to all iOS users. Just like adding emojis to photos and videos, you can select the Mention sticker, use the typeahead to find a friend's username and tag it into a resizable sticker.

It allows people to touch to view their profile and generate a notification for the tagged user.

Instagram has launched textual mentions since November 2016, immediately after launching Stories, but Snapchat added a similar feature only last month. The mentions could make it easier for the creators in both apps to collaborate and promote each other or encourage fans to spread their name with friends.

While Facebook in the spotlight for endless scandals, Instagram remained relatively unharmed. Without connections and reshares, immune from many of the fake news and para-political activities that have made Facebook exhausting. Instagram seems to see the rapid development of features as the best distraction.

instagram portrait mode

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