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IFA 2015, Asus presents the new ZenPad

Tablets from the latest Asus range arrive in Europe: from music covers to the first tablet with 4GB of RAM

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Berlin – There is no bang between the tablets shown by Asus in the marathon presentation held at Bolle Meierei. The protagonist is ZenPad line, which as usual in the case of the Taiwanese company, winds between various models that differ in size and characteristics. The trio of the day includes ZenPad 8.0, ZenPad 8.0 S and ZenPad 10, which already by the names illustrate the many shared peculiarities. The most intriguing, no doubt ZenPad 8.0 S, the world's first tablet with 4GB RAM. Primacy limited to the reference category, ie tablet with 8-inch 2K screens. Equipped with a 324ppi QXGA IPS panel, this tablet like all the others has Android operating system, Intel Atom Z350 processor, 32GB of memory and DTS.HD Premium Sound system that enhances the sound. Asus focuses on a renewed listening experience with the special version of the ZenPad Theater equipped with Audio Cover; in practice, once coated, the tablet raises the volume thanks to six built-in speakers which offers the excitement of a mini portable hi-fi system. The basic version ZenPad 8.0 the poorest and cheapest of the lot, but it has a customizable shell.

Along with functions aimed at musical entertainment, the card that Asus hopes will win for the ZenPad range the price: from 199 euros for the most basic model to 299 for the ZenPad 10, equipped with a dock but with only 2GB of RAM. In the middle there are the ZenPad Theater at 249 euros and the ZenPad 8.0 S which costs 269 euros. Since these are products designed for the low end of the market, it is very likely that the latter will receive the greatest attention from fans.


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