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How to take photos on iPhone during video recording

take pictures on the iPhone

You are shooting a video with your iPhone and at that moment you were struck by a particular shot that you want to keep, well, without leaving the Video mode, you can take a picture while the iPhone continues the video recording. A very convenient feature that you probably didn't know, that allows you to take photos on an iPhone or iPad simultaneously when you take a video, and in this guide we will explain the simple steps to avoid losing that moment to keep.

Take pictures on iPhone during video recording

Sometimes it happens that right in the middle of recording a video that is being made with the iPhone, the image you were waiting for comes up, which you want to capture as a photo. Time to switch to photo mode and you can miss the opportunity to capture that unrepeatable image. And in this case this function makes sense.

video recording

The guide to take pictures while recording a video on iPhone

  1. Go to the app Camera of your iPhone.
  2. Switch to mode Video and start recording.
  3. You will notice that a white key also appears next to the red registration key.
  4. To take the picture while recording, tap the white button you see on the left or below the red button that is used to start or stop recording (depending on the vertical / horizontal mode in which the iPhone is held).
  5. When you press the white button, you probably won't have any sign that you took the picture, don't worry, everything is normal.
  6. The photos you will take will be in the Gallery on your iPhone.

take pictures during video

You will be able to take as many photos as you want and the images you will find them all stored in the Camera Roll. You can take pictures while shooting by pressing the pivolte photo shooting button. For you can't take shots in burst mode (in bursts).

What about the resolution?

Capturing a photo in the middle of recording a video has for a price. For starters, high resolution images are not possible. The maximum resolution when taking a picture (when recording a video) of about 1.2MP. In pixels they would be 1280x720px, which for the typical resolution of an image taken with iPhone 6s (8MP), not even comparable.

Also, auto-focus / exposure cannot be changed. This is not a big problem because in most cases these parameters are already set optimally while recording the video.

The 720px resolution is better if you are a screen-grab of the video that produces a much lower quality image.

This feature is compatible with iPhones starting with the iPhone 5 version, so even with the new iPhone X. If you have an old iPhone, you will need to check if the application has this feature.