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How to send faxes from a smartphone

As we have seen in this guide, you can sign a PDF document from your iPhone and send it via email to anyone you want. But some publicists do not yet accept documents by e-mail, so it may be necessary to send a document by fax. And why not send faxes from smartphones?

You cannot use the smartphone's phone connection as a fax or a dial-up modem. To send faxes from your smartphone you will need affidartiad a service offered by a third-party application that sends the fax to you, just as you would to send an unfax from the PC. You will not find an app that allows you to send an unlimited number of faxes for free. Any application that you will find in this item can be used if you want to use the service regularly. Some applications may allow you to send a limited number of pages for free, but no more.

But even if this service will cost you, you can save money and be cheaper than the alternative. The alternative would be to pay the fax service in a store, or purchase an unfax and connect a landline. Both solutions will probably be much more expensive if you only need to send some faxes.

This method for sending faxes from smartphones allows you to do everything completely automatically. You can sign and fill out PDF documents on your phone and fax them. Alternatively, use your phone's camera to scan paper documents and fax them.

App to send faxes from iPhone and Android smartphones

If you search the App Store for applications to send "faxes" you will find some options, but none of these are actually free, and the few you find are generally limited in providing a couple of pages of free faxes and then you have to pay.

Among the many apps to send faxes from smartphones, the first one I want to offer you Quickfax by Agile Telecom, application for iPhone.To use this application you need to open an account Faxator FREE. As a result, to use QuickFax need to register for free on QuickFaxyou can fax documents to national or international numbers, only from the iPhone app, even PDF, DOC or JPG files taken from your Dropbox account.Faxator free for 10 pages per monthafter which you have to subscribe to cheap subscription plans.

With QuickFax you can check the status of shipments directly from the application and customize the Signature on the document to be sent. Faxes are not sent in real time, because not the app that sends the fax, but the Faxator service.

Another application entirely in Italian to send faxes from your smartphone PamFax. This app allows you to send a 3 page fax for free, and then pay 0.11 cents per page. The service PamFax provides mobile apps iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.If the service is interesting for your work, you can also activate a number to receive faxes as if they were emails, directly on your smartphone.

The third application that I propose to you Scanfax of EasyOffice available for both iPhone and iPad and for Android. This is a great service that allows scan documents and send them by fax to national and international numbers.If you want to try the service, Scanfaxlets you try the first fax for free to decide if you want to subscribe and send others. The application allows you to send PDF files and Word doc files.

How does it work? You must first register on the official website, and then enter the reserved area using the bonus for sending a FAX, archive files for free in the Document Manager and in Dropbox and also manage your contacts in the Address Book.

Registration to EasyOffice FREE and ready to use.After the first free fax, you need to top up your accounts and convert them into Credits (0.10 = 1 Credit).

You can also try the servicePC-Faxonly for devices Android, which allows send a fax a day for free, useful for those who use fax not for work activities, and for many people more than enough. If you want to send more than one page a day, you can top up the application at a special price.PC-Fax, reading the reviews of those who are using it, perhaps the most appreciated that can be found for Android smartphones and tablets.