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How to restore Google Chrome if it is too slow or does not start

Chrome undoubtedly one of the most used browsers on Windows, also thanks to its speed of execution and the numerous extensions available. In a short time, he also managed to conquer the diehards of the Microsoft browsers (Internet Explorer first and Microsoft Edge now) that immediately installed him on every new PC. But it's not always all right: just a wrong extension or a visit to a misleading page to limit the browser's capacity to the total block. But what can we do if we are too slow or not planning to leave? In this guide we will see how to restore Google Chrome to its default settings without having to reinstall it and how to "clean" it if it doesn't start anymore.

If we haven't yet downloaded Google Chrome on your PC, we can do it from the following link.

LINK | Google Chrome

How to restore Google Chrome

Google Chrome slow but starts

If Google Chrome appears extremely slow in browsing but it still starts we can use the restore function inserted by Google in the browser settings.

We open the menu Settings using the three dots at the top right, as shown in the following image.

restore Google Chrome

Once the settings screen is open, click on the item Show advanced settings,present at the bottom of the page.

restore google chrome

Scrolling further down the page we will find the entry useful to restore Google Chrome: Reset settings, also shown in the image below.

restore google chrome

Just click on it to start the Google Chrome recovery process.

Warning! This procedure will cancel any browser customization:

  • The search engine in the browser will return to the default, ie
  • The homepage and the tabs locked at startup will be deleted
  • Cookies, bookmarks and history will be deleted
  • All extensions, applications and themes will be disabled (but not deleted!)

Google Chrome won't start anymore

In the unfortunate hypothesis in which the browser does not start anymore, there is another method to restore Google Chrome without having to reinstall it(we leave this solution only as a last resort).

Often these problems are given by extensions or applications of malicious Chrome, which take possession of the browser and block its correct start. In this regard, Google provides a tool called Chrome Software Cleaner which performs a thorough cleaning of all applications that can block the browser. After the cleaning process the browser should start correctly without any problems!

To use it we open the tool page from the following link.

LINK | Chrome Software Cleaner

restore google chrome

Press on the button Download now to download the tool on the PC where the browser "owned" is present.

Let's start it to start the search for programs that block Google Chrome. The tool is really very simple: there is only a progress bar to show the duration of the process, the rest of the automatic procedure.

google chrome recoveryAt the end, any problems found when starting Google Chrome will be removed. If the browser starts, we can always restore it with the procedure described above.