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How to record phone calls on Android

record phone calls on Android

With a smartphone you can get most of the features at the touch of a button and many of us would like to keep track of calls or keep the evidence of a conversation. There could be countless reasons why you want to record a phone call, but recording a phone call on Android is not difficult. After seeing How to record calls on Android phones and save them in mp3 files in this article we will illustrate another method to record phone calls on Android.

Legal implications in recording calls

Before we begin, there are some legal issues to watch out for. To begin with, countries like the United States have laws that may not allow a conversation to be recorded without the other party's consent. In Italy it is not forbidden to record a phone call, even without the interlocutor's knowledge, but it is forbidden to disclose the registration file.

Record phone calls on Android

Many Android phones have built-in call recording features or a Call Recorder app, while others can install an application that lets you record phone calls on Android. In this we will post a simple method to record phone calls through an application available in the Google Play Store. There are many call recording applications, such as BoldBeast, Automatic Call Recorder, Call Recorder – ACR, Total Recall and many others. Among all these apps, we have chosenCall Recorder – ACR which we consider the best in its simplicity of use. The free and feature-rich application solves many problems when it comes to recording phone calls on Android.

Call Recorder – ACR

Call Recorder – ACR a famous application to record phone calls on Android. Record a phone conversation efficiently on both sides. As soon as you install the application, find the registration button at the top right. This button allows users to take voice notes manually. Furthermore, the application records each call and saves the recording in a hidden folder in the device's internal memory.

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<p>  You can also set the application to ask for registration each time you make a call.</p>
<p><strong>Call Recorder – ACR</strong> the most popular call recording app on the Play Store with a user rating of 4.4. You can easily download this application from <strong>Google Play Store</strong>. As soon as you start the application for the first time after its installation, you will get a notification asking you for permission to proceed. The application asks for your consent to the registration of calls and will start after the user accepts the terms.</p>
<p>The application saves the call recordings as MP3 files, and the audio quality of the recordings is quite good. One of its best features that stores call records in a small file, which takes up memory space on the phone. Moreover, the application automatically frees itself of the old files to create space for future call records. However, it is possible to mark old important recordings, and the application will not delete them. Fortunately, there is also a password function, which restricts others from checking personal records. Some phones do not adequately support call recording. Operation related to the capabilities that the different chipsets / CPUs of each brand / model of phone have.</p>
<h3><span class=How to use Call Recorder – ACR on Android phone

Step 1:Go to the Play Store and install the application Call Recorder – ACR. After installation, open the application and click the settings icon.

ACR on Android phone

Step 2: Click on "General?In which all the configuration options are found. There are various options such as setting a password for the application, enabling notifications between call records, and also allowing you to organize recordings. You can select the recording format by going to the "Settings" menu and clicking on the recording option. In this menu, you will also be able to select the audio file format and enable automatic deletion for the selection of recordings. You can also set a delay (number of seconds) before the recording starts for each call. Bluetooth headset users can also allow recording by selecting the recording option under Bluetooth. You can also set the application to record incoming / outgoing calls automatically or manually.


Step3: You can also activate the Cloudintegrato in the app. By activating this option, you can save a lot of space on the device's SD card or internal memory. The Cloud option can be found under the Settings menu. To activate the option, simply click on the Cloude option select the cloud service you wish to use. There are services like Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, and more.


After following the steps above, the application Call Recorder – ACR ready to be used on the device for recording outgoing and incoming calls.

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