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How to make backups on Xiaomi

Backup on Mi Cloud

Are you afraid of losing all contacts, messages and media files stored on your Xiaomi device? You don't have to worry: it takes very little to make abackup on Xiaomi taking advantage of the integrated system Xiaomi cloud (Mi Cloud) within the operating system so you never miss a file!

Backup on Xiaomi

If you are reading this guide, you probably do not have very clear the procedure to follow to save your data. If so, then read on, because in this guide I will show you how to configure the backup on Xiaomi via the Mi Cloud service and how to support third-party apps to save the most important files on the cloud.

Cloud Xiaomi: Backup on Mi Cloud

As a backup system on Xiaomi I suggest you take advantage of the Mi Cloud service right away, because it is already integrated into the operating system and perfectly accessible both from the Web and from other Xiaomi smartphones that you may have. How to get this free space I cloud on Xiaomi? In the process of registering yours accountXiaomi, they will be made available to you free of charge6 GBofcloud space, on which you can save thebackup data or other files such as photos and videos. Like iCloud, Apple, even Mi Cloud offers the possibility of buying more space if the basic one is not enough.

Before proceeding, make sure you have an active Mi account for your phone number; if you don't have an account yet you can create a new one from the following link.

LINK | My Account

Create My Account

Select italy in the field where you enter the region and use a valid email address to create your account; in the next steps you will be asked to choose a valid password to access your acccount. For convenience you can also use a phone number to register, just click on the button Create using a phone number and follow the steps shown on the screen.

Once you have created the account, you take your Xiaomi smartphone and open the app Settings -> My Account; from here you can log in with the chosen credentials and synchronize your Xiaomi with your personal account. To be able to backup contacts, messages, calendar and notes to Xiaomi, it's enough to take you to Settings -> My Account -> My Cloud and activate the entries present in Elements synchronization.

Synchronize with Mi cloud

Tapping on Other items in sync you can also activate the backup of the call log, of the images saved in the gallery, of the WiFi settings, of the voice recordings and finally of the favorites in the browser integrated in MIUI.

More items to sync with Mi Cloud

Full Cloud Backup

The one seen so far is a simple backup of the most common elements to be recovered. If instead you want to create a real backup of the operating system (including the installed apps, settings, alarm clock and clock) you will just need to take yourself to Settings -> My Account -> Cloud Me and tap on the item Device backup.

Backup entire system on Mi Cloud

Activate the voice Backup Me Cloud and use the voice Backup Schedule to choose how often you perform this full backup.

Schedule backup on Xiaomi

More apps perbackup on Xiaomi

In addition to the integrated backup system on Xiaomi you can use one of the following apps to be able to make further backups, so you don't even miss an item saved on your device:

By using one of the following Xiaomi backup apps you can always keep the data you don't want safe from your smartphone in the event of theft, loss or malfunction.

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