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How to install Fastweb modem

Once the subscription of a new ADSL or fiber optic subscription with the telephony operator is completed Fastweb you will need to proceed to install Fastweb modem which will be delivered to the address indicated in the activation phase within a few days. This is a procedure that you will necessarily have to do, as no Fastweb operator will come home to install the modem. Later, after installing the modem, you will need to register for Fastweb. If you have difficulty installing the Fastweb modem, this procedure will help you.

Install Fastweb modem

If you're wondering how to install Fastweb modem and you have no idea how to proceed, don't worry. In fact, the procedure is extremely simple and takes only a few minutes. If, on the other hand, you have not yet signed up for a new Fastweb offer, you can consult the relevant Fastweb page which will give you a complete overview of all the rates that can be activated.

To proceed to install Fastweb modem, as a first step, disconnect all devices connected to the telephone network. The checks to be carried out are two, the first one during the connection of the modem to the main socket, that is, the first one after the cable has entered the house. The second check regards the type of grip. There are two types of grips: tripolar (with three holes), in this case you need to get an adapter; Socket RJ11 (plug), in this case you only need to connect the cable supplied in the modem package.

Now connect the device to the mains (press the Power button if present) and to the PC (via ethernet cable or Wi-Fi) and wait until all the bright modem icons are stable.

At this point, from the PC open your browser and enter the IP address of your Fastweb modem in the top address bar. Generally, the IP address in question is one of the following codes:, or In the case (remotely) that this is not the correct address you will have to follow a short procedure.

If you are using a PC Windows open the search function and type cmd and press the Enter key. Now enter the command ipconfig and press Enter again. From the new window you can find the IP address of your modem next to the Default gateway option. If you have a Macinstead, you can find out the IP address of your modem simply by going to System Preferences and choosing the Network option. Now click on the name of your connection and choose Advanced. The address to be entered in the browser will be displayed in the TCP / IP tab.

Access the Fastweb panel

Once you have identified this address, you will be able to access the modem control panel. To do this you will need to enter a username and one password. Normally the right values ??to enter are admin / admin or admin / password and in some cases it will be possible to enter the panel simply by pressing Submit without entering any entry. You will still be able to discover the username and password of your Fastweb modem by checking below the device, where you will find a sticker with various useful information, or by consulting the user manual that you will find inside the package.

Install Fastweb modem

Once logged in, the configuration will start automatically completing the installation process. If this does not happen, click on the button Configure or Setup that you find in the settings to start the process. You can verify that the data is correct by checking the modem option Bridging / Modem only is turned off and that voice WAN present the value DCHP or Dynamic IP Address Internet Connection Type. In addition to there, VPI must be set to 8 is VCI up 36. The ATM class must be set to UBR and the Insulation must be LLC.

Fastweb registration

install Fastweb modem

At this point connected to the site (you can copy this address into your browser's address bar) and press Enter. From the new page you can enter the registration data required to complete the registration of your Fastweb subscription after completing the installation of the modem. At this point, you can begin to safely use your new connection.

It might be useful to know the procedure to recover the Fastweb modem password if you no longer remember it. In this case, read the following guide.