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How to download Windows 8.1 in Italian without Product Key

download windows 8.1How to download Windows 8.1 in Italian without Product Key – Since the release of Windows 8, Microsoft has not made it easy to download the operating system, in fact it has not made available a link to download Windows 8.1 without requiring a download of a Product-Key before the download, to prove ownership of a license. Also, it allowed to download the version of the operating system only in the language of your original version.

In this article we see How to download Windows 8.1 in Italian without Product Keydirectly from the Microsoft site, in order to obtain a legal copy of the operating system to be used without the Product Key, useful to reinstall or restore your operating system when you have problems with the PC.

This service that has put Microsoft in place something of an invaluable utility, because it allows us to have an image ISO of the original disc of Windows 8.1 directly on the computer, to be burned later on the DVD, or to create one USB Pen Drive installation. Furthermore, you can get the version of Windows 8.1 in any language, just select it, including Italian.

How to download Windows 8.1 eng without Product Key

The Microsoft site where and how to download Windows 8.1 in Italian without Product Key you find it atthis link. Let's see how to download it.

  • Click on the previous link and open the Microsoft page, at this point click on the purple button "Create media".

download windows 8.1 1

  • An executable file will be downloaded .exe, click on it and a panel will open where you can select the tongue, theedition and thearchitecture (32, 64 bit) of Windows 8.1.

download windows 8.1 2

  • Once you have selected the previous items, click on "Come on?, A new panel will appear where you can select if you want to download the version for DVD or Pen Drive. I chose ISO File, and then click on "Come on".

download windows 8.1 3

  • Now the panel will appear to let you choose where to download the ISO file, choose the location and press "Come on".

download windows 8.1 4

  • Once you press "Save?, The ISO file will start downloading in the position you have chosen.

download windows 8.1 5

  • At the end of the download press "end". At this point you will have the ISO image of Windows 8.1, all you have to do is burn the ISO file to a DVD using any burning software, for example, I used Ashampoo Burning Studio Free, completely free software.
  • Now you can insert the DVD into your computer's drive and restart the PC. The procedure will start installing Windows 8.1 on the PC.

I hope this has been useful in solving the problems arising from malfunctions of the Windows 8.1 operating system.