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How to deactivate Apple Music subscription

Apple Music

Apple Music has been widespread not only among iOS users, but also on Android devices and now also on Amazon's smart speakers. To allow greater diffusion, Apple allows a trial period to a wide audience, giving away3 months trialFree at the service. When you go to start the new app for the first time Music from Apple, you will be asked if you want to activate the free trial of Apple Music and what subscription you want to subscribe once you finish the three-month trial.

This means that, after three months, the credit card renewal money will be automatically deducted and you will necessarily have to enter how much your Apple ID is active. But if you don't want to renew the music service, not many know that you can disable Apple Music subscription before the deadline, avoiding in this way incurring in unexpected charges. The purpose of this guide is to find out how to avoid the charge from Apple if you want to stop the Apple Music service before the paid period starts.

How to deactivate Apple Music subscription

disable Apple Music subscription

The function to disable the automatic renewal of Apple Music a little hidden and not everyone is aware of it, so you have to be careful to avoid paying money unconsciously. This guide will show you how to disable Apple Music's auto-renewal at any time. For, before finding out how to disable the automatic renewal service, let's see how to subscribe to Apple Music.

How to register for the Apple Music free trial

  • Open the Music app on your iOS device and click "For you" in the bottom bar. You can also do it from Mac or Pc by opening the iTunes app.
  • Click on the free trial offer by choosing a trial subscription per person or family.
  • Now you can choose the type of subscription, be it for student or family.
  • Click on "Use existing Apple ID" and enter your Apple ID and password. If you don't have one, click on "Create an Apple ID" and follow the steps to create one.
  • You will be asked to validate your billing information. At this point you need to add a valid payment method and click Subscribe. Accept the terms and conditions.
  • Now you have a free trial subscription of three months and at the end you will be charged the first month of the option you have chosen. If you do not want to continue beyond the free trial, then you must cancel the subscription within 24 hours before the renewal date, following the steps below.

Disable automatic Apple Music renewal

The steps on how to disable Apple Music's automatic renewal are fairly simple and take a few minutes to complete.

After canceling the subscription during the free trial period, you will no longer be able to access the Apple Music catalog. All the music you've added to your library will no longer be available on the iOS device.

  • In order to disable the automatic renewal of Apple Music, the app starts from the iPhone or iPad Music.
  • In the top right corner there is an icon with the person's profile. Click on it to access the account settings.
Apple account
  • Now select View Apple ID that you find at the bottom of the page.
view Apple ID
  • Enter your Apple ID password or use the touch ID.
  • Scroll down and click on the item Subscriptions and you will enter the section "Change subscription". From here you will see all your subscriptions, including Apple Music.
Apple subscriptions
  • The screen will open in which you will see all your active or expired subscriptions. Among the active ones you will also find Apple Music.
Apple Music subscription

Select Apple Music and you will enter the subscription page. From here click on Cancel subscription.

Cancel subscription


Be careful, because if you cancel your Apple Music subscription during the three-month trial period, you will lose immediately after accessing your catalog and Apple Music features. So, in order to continue using the free trial until the last day of the three months, you need to cancel 24 hours before the deadline. This way you will not be charged any renewal fees and you will have used the entire free period.