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How to create and share animated GIFs from your iPhone

GIF on iPhone

The Animated GIFs they are a fun way to share short clips via text messages or post them on social networks. If you've ever wondered if you can do it GIF directly from your iPhone, we immediately say that this is possible and also very simple and if you continue reading we will explain to you how to go for create and share animated GIFs from your iPhone.

How to create and share animated GIFs from your iPhone

To be able to create Animated GIFs on your iPhone, you must necessarily resort to the help of some third-party applications to download from the Apple store. The one I want to talk to you about an app called 5SecondsApp. You can find it for free on the App Store but supported by advertising, if you want to delete it, paying 0.99 via in-app purchase, you can remove the advertisements and have the possibility of creating longer GIFs, of 10 sec. To create GIFs, 5SecondsApp capture video with your device or use existing videos and photos in the gallery.5SecondsApp

Download | 5SecondsApp – Animated GIF Create & Search

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How does 5SecondsApp work?

  1. Download and start 5SecondsApp on your iPhone.
  2. Click on the icon Video top left.
  3. Make a selection to import videos, photos or make a video directly with your iPhone.
  4. Choose the video you want to use or add your photos from the Gallery. Repeat this process for all the images you want to add in your animated GIF.
  5. Once you're done, click on your newly created GIF in the app's main menu.
  6. Now click on the "Share" button in the lower right corner.
  7. From here you can send emails, text messages or save the GIF file in your Camera Roll. The option "Enable sharing" loads the GIF of 5SecondsApp and allows you to create a link that anyone can easily access and share. You don't need to use the option, but you can use it if you wish.

You have finished! Your animated GIF is automatically sent as you chose. Obviously there are other features within 5SecondsApp, including text overlays, filters and more. Here are the other features:

You can create GIFs from videos, photos, burst photos, live photos and animated PNGs. * Apply filters to improve your creations. * Add text annotations to your GIFs. * Add stickers to your GIFs. * Restore your own frames GIF. * Control the speed of GIF playback. * Save individual GIF frames as images. * Share links to your GIFs via, clipboard, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram. When you share a GIF, it can be uploaded to for a better experience. * Share your GIF files via email, MMS and Clipboard. * Save GIFs directly to your device photos. When you save a GIF in your camera roll, this won't animate. still saved as an animated GIF. * Save GIF to your device as an animated video or PNG. * Load GIF to Dropbox

You've seen how to create and share animated GIFs from your iPhone a very simple process and then share it with all your friends.