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How to create a custom calendar

When a year is about to end, one thinks of agendas and calendars of the new year. And what could be better than a personalized calendar, with the photos we like best or the most significant ones that remind us of the 12 months of the year. You can choose photos of people from our family or friends who celebrate their birthday and name day in that month.

Having this need, I discovered a website called BigHugeLabs thatallows in a few steps to create a custom calendar free, and can easily upload the photos on your computer or on social media combining them to your liking at 12 months of the year.

How to create a personalized calendar with your favorite photos

To create yours monthly calendar,just go to the online siteBigHugeLabs, choose the file by clicking Choose file and upload the photo (you can also upload it from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr or Dropbox). If instead you want to upload the photo from the computer select Upload as I did in the following image.

custom calendar 1

At this point you have to choose how to cut the photo, right, center or left.

custom calendar 2

After uploading and placing the photo, select the calendar size. You have three options, 8.5 × 11 inches (A4 format), 8 × 10 format and format to use as a CD case.

custom calendar 3

Now you have to choose the month and year you want to associate the photo with.

custom calendar 4

At this point you have to click on Create to create your personalized calendar. This is the result obtained.

custom calendar 5

Once you have saved the digital file (in JPG image format), you can print it in A4 format with a normal color printer and hang it on the wall.

Of course, you can create and print every month of the year, overlapping 12 months and flipping through the sheets like a classic wall calendar. If you know other applications to create a custom calendar, you can report them in the comments.