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How to control torrent downloads remotely from your smartphone

You have to download a series of Torrent files to your home computer and want to check the status of the files Torrent file that is loading even when you are away from home using your smartphone? Then this article is for you. In this guide I will show you how control torrent downloads remotely directly on your smartphone, keeping an eye on the completion percentage and download speed. You can pause or add a new torrent on your PC or Mac, even if you are away from home. To do this, when you leave home you will need to use a smartphone connected to the cellular data network.

Screenshot 2014-01-03 at 21.59.10Pre-requisites

In order to take advantage of this useful feature, you need to install the uTorrent application. Here are the pre-requisites.

  • A PC with Windows or a Mac with Mac OS.
  • The uTorrent application installed on your computer:


Guide to monitor torrent downloads remotely

  • Download from the previous link and install the application uTorrent on your Mac or PC.
  • Start uTorrent:
    • If haila Mac version went in uTorrent -> Preferences -> Remote.
    • If haila version for Windows went to Options -> Settings -> Remote.
  • Put the check mark on Enable remote uTorrent.
  • Now enter a username and password that you will use to log in to your smartphone.
  • Select the button Access and wait for the status to turn green with the writing Accessible.
  • If a window appears with a security question, enter any answer and confirm the choice.
  • At this point, open the browser from your smartphone and access the address
  • Please wait for the page to load. Move your finger on the screen until the fields to enter the user name and password appear.
  • At this point, log in with the data previously entered on the computer.
  • Once logged in, a new page will open from which you can manage the status of the torrent download on the PC / Mac.

As you can see, it is very easy to monitor the download of Torrent files that you have downloaded to your home computer. Have you ever used this service? Do you know any highs? Let us know through the comments in this article.

Simone Montalto

Computer Engineer graduated from the Politecnico di Milano. Passionate about technology and programming. Expert and user of Apple products but also of Android and Linux.