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How to consult online cadastral surveys for free

In the path, even quite slow, of the computerization of the Public Administration, the Inland Revenue to facilitate the citizen in the calculation of the IMU and other taxes on the house, has made available access to the cadastral data of his own property. It also allows you to consult online cadastral surveys for free.

On the website of the Inland Revenue the telematic service "Personal consultation" is available. It allows the consultation of the cadastral and mortgage database, free of charge and tax exempt.Consult the online cadastral surveys free of charge for any property owned by the applicant. Even for a quota, which has the right to property or other real rights of enjoyment. To access the consultation of cadastral data, you must first register for telematic services "Fisconline".

Consult the cadastral surveys online for free

To make the consultation, you must have the cadastral identifiers of a property, building or land. Then you have to go to the online site dellRevenue Agencyand use the service Online cadastral survey. Through this service you can see the income, the consistency, the category and the cadastral class of the buildings, or the land and agricultural income, the area, the quality of the crop and the land class of the land.

If, on the other hand, you are not aware of the land registry data, the consultation can still be carried out starting from the data of the property owner. In this case, just register for the service Fisconline. When you have a code pin is password, you will need to access the Agency's telematic services. At this point it is possible to carry out the inspection starting from the personal data of the owner of a property, the data on the ownership and the relative share of the right, the location of the buildings surveyed at Building cadastre.

The following official video of the Revenue Agency explaining the procedure for consulting cadastral surveys.

Consultation reserved for authorized parties

In addition to personal consultation, the Sister platform is also present. This platform allows telematic access to the cadastral databases only for authorized users, such as professionals and technicians. Online consultation of cadastral plans can also be carried out.

These are reserved for subjects qualified to present cadastral updating documents, such as the technicians appointed by the holders of real rights. Enabling the Sister platform requires the signing of an agreement and the payment of an annual fee.