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How to connect Hotspot iPhone to Mac

If you find yourself around and you don't have a Wi-Fi internet connection, you can use your iPhone's Internet connection on another device such as a laptop or tablet. This function on the iPhone is called "Hotspot Personal" (also known as "tethering"), and can be used via Wi-Fi or USB. In this guide we will see how connect Hotspot iPhone WiFi to your Mac.

What you need to know about Hotspots

First of all, to clarify that not all mobile operators include this functionality in all tariff plans. If your cellular data plan does not allow tethering (Vodafone), you cannot see the "Hotspot Personal" option on the Settings screen of your iPhone. In these cases, you may need to pay extra to get the free Hospot.

Secondly, it is important to make it clear that when you use your iPhone as a data connection router, you will be consumed by your data plan (2GB, 4GB) and, as such, if you have a data limit, you will have to be careful because you can overcome it. If you have an unlimited data plan or a very high limit, then this may not be your concern, otherwise you will have to check the internet consumption when your iPhone is connected to a computer via hotspot.

Even if you have unlimited data, you may be able to have a limited amount of tethering data – or high-speed tethering data, even in this case risking to pay extra if you need more tethering data. So, check your mobile plan to get more details on your hotspot or tethering plan.

One last recommendation. The Wi-Fi tethering connection can charge the phone battery more quickly. If possible, connect your iPhone to a power source or connect it directly to your laptop via USB cable while connecting to it. Be sure to turn off Personal Hotspot when you are not using it.

How to access iPhone Hotspots

There are three different ways to connect your Macal iPhone to use the data connection, Wifi, Bluetooth is USB. When activePersonal Hotspot, these allow you to use any of these three options, no need to change other settings.

First, to access the Hotspot settings open the application Settings and touches "HotspotPersonale".

IPhone-1 hotspotBefore doing anything else, recommend clicking onPasswordWi-Fi"And enter your hotspot password. Without a password, anyone within range could potentially connect to your phone. So, add a strong password even if you're not going to connect via Wi-Fi, because even if you're going to use the Bluetooth connection, the Wi-Fi network will always be visible.

Hotspot iPhone -2Once the password has been entered, it is possible to activate ?Personal Hotspot?Via the post switch in the upper part of the Personal Hotspot Settings.

Hotspot iPhone -3Now it's time to connect the iPhone hotspot to your laptop, allowing you to use either WiFi, Bluetooth or USB. We will see how to connect via WiFi.

How to connect Hotspot iPhone to Mac

The most familiar (and common) way to connect a Macal to your iPhone using Wi-Fi. To do this, simply connect the Macall'Hotspot as you do with any Wi-Fi access point. Just select your iPhone from the list of Wi-Fi networks.

Hotspot iPhone -4If you log in for the first time, you will be asked to enter the password, the same one you entered earlier on your iPhone.

hotspot-5 "width =" 500 "height =" 302 "srcset =" // 500w, // wp-content / uploads / 2016/08 / hotspot-5-150x91.jpg 150w, // 300w "data-sizes = "(max-width: 500px) 100vw, 500px" /> If all goes well, you'll have the internetin your internet on your MacBook or iMac.</p>
<p>If you or anyone else connected to the iPhone Personal Hotspot, a blue bar will appear along the top that will show the number of connections there are at that time.</p>
<p><img class=We finished. As you could see, it is very easy to connect Hotspot iPhone WiFi to your Mac, just follow these easy steps on your devices.

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