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How to block photos and files on iPhone and iPad

block photos

We all need to hide something. It could be a super important document, account information that you don't want to share with anyone, or block photos and files on your mobile device. But the fact, that unlike Android, there is no simple way to lock photos and files on iPhone. Of course it is possible to protect the entire iPhone using an access code or via Touch ID. For some, this level of protection may be sufficient.

But what if you need an extra level of protection? Just to give an example, if you have to deliver your unlocked iPhone to someone, will this not be able to access your most confidential data?

How to block photos and files on iPhone

Of course there is no shortage of applications to block photos and files, surely you have heard of applications that pretend to be calculators. The problem that most of these applications are not beautiful to look at as a design and the features are not satisfactory.

Luckily Pocket Files in addition to blocking photos and data, it also meets both needs, but still more. The application is free even if it has the delicate task of protecting your precious data.

Pocket Files the ideal tool to manage and keep your photos, videos and documents safe and private. Not only that, but also a File Manager, Photos Vault, Media Player and a private Web browser with file download function, all in this incredibly simple app.

Easily import your photos from your device, private web browser or computer, create new folders / sub-folders and notes. Set a passcode for the app or for folders and capture the intruder image with the GPS position that tries to enter your app.

How to add files to Pocket Files

Using a name like Pocket Files and a generic icon, the application will be difficult to find, it might not even seem like an app lock.

We'll see below how to enable file protection, first to let me tell you how to add photos and videos in the Pocket Files application.

When the application starts, you will see 3 folders – Photos, videos and documents.

Pocket Files

If you want, you can also create new folders.

To add the files to be protected in the app, just go to a folder and click on the "+"At the bottom.

You will see a menu to select photos or videos. Select the option, give the app permission to be able to access your photos and now you will be able to select the photos you wish to add to block their free display.

block photos and files 4

Once all the files you have chosen are imported, they will remain in the app's memory. Now you will need to go to the Photos app and delete the original files. Yes, it's difficult to decide to delete them, but necessary to block photos and files and keep them hidden.

How to add access code and Touch ID protection

Default Pocket Files not set to request to add a lock code. To do this, you will need to go to "Settings"And click on"Launch Passcode".

block photos and files 5

From here, you can add a protection with an access code. It is also possible to activate or deactivate the "Unblock Touch ID" option.

The application allows not only to block photos and files on iPhone but also folders and also a function called Decoy Mode. If you enable this feature, the application will show a different folder when someone enters with the Decoy password.

The next time you open the application, you will be presented with a lock screen. To use touch ID for authentication, click on the "Fingerprint" icon.