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How to activate ADSL with Telecom

Telecom Italy, which currently uses the name TIM also for fixed telephony services, one of the reference points of the Italian market and, as such, can count on a list of ADSL offers extremely interesting, on a wide coverage of the optical fiber and on promotions that, in some cases, are really to be taken on the fly.

If you're wondering such as activate ADSL with Telecom You do not have to worry. The procedure to activate ADSL with Telecom is extremely simple and is completed in a few minutes. Make sure, in any case, that you have all the personal data of the person to whom the telephone line will be registered as well as, of course, the address, accurate in every detail, where the line will be activated.

telecom_adsl_7 "width =" 650 "height =" 254 "srcset =" // 650w, // uploads / 2016/10 / telecom_adsl_7-150x59.jpg 150w, // 300w, // uploads / 2016/10 / telecom_adsl_7-640x250.jpg 640w "data-sizes =" (max-width: 650px) 100vw, 650px "/> Il <strong>first step to be taken to activate ADSL with Telecom or the Telecom fiber optic,</strong>  represented by<strong>identifying the rate best suited to your needs. </strong>To choose the offer that suits you best, if you haven't already done so, you can consult the <strong>compar</strong><strong>attorney of</strong> for ADSL offers from which you can identify all the operator's tariff details and discover any active promotions (for example, today the discounted fee is offered and the first month free). For example, you can choose between the various <strong>TIM Smart offers</strong>, such as <strong>TIM Smart Casa</strong><strong>  o TIM Smart Fibra</strong> which represent complete subscriptions for your home line. Alternatively available <strong>TIM Smart Mobile</strong> which combines a fixed telephony subscription with a SIM to be used with the smartphone with minutes of calls and GB of data traffic included.</p>
<p>Once the tariff to be activated has been identified, you can click on the button <strong>Enable</strong> <strong>online</strong> to proceed with the activation phase of the same. Alternatively, you can request the <strong>consulting service of </strong>(free and without any commitment) that will direct you to the offer that suits you best. Thanks to the service offered by, even the less experienced and practical user will be able to activate the best rates available on the market in relation to his real needs.</p>
<p>To activate ADSL with Telecom, once clicked on Activate online you will be redirected to the <strong>activation procedure</strong> which requires the inclusion of all the data necessary to identify the new subscription. The first step involves entering the address and all the related data as well as the tax code of the owner of the line. In the second step, the personal data of the holder of the line whose fiscal code was inserted in the previous phase must be entered. We reiterate how important it is to enter all the requested data accurately and avoid making mistakes of distraction in this phase.</p>
<p>At this point it is possible to complete the <strong>subscription configuration</strong> also with the possibility of enriching the same with options and bonuses available (for example, the customer can rent the Wi-Fi modem if the latter was not inserted for free). The last phase of the TIM ADSL activation process linked to the acceptance of the General Contract Conditions and the completion of the entire procedure.</p>
<p>The process of activating a new one <strong>ADSL subscription with Telecom</strong> therefore very fast and simple. Probably the most difficult part due to the initial phase in which the most suitable offer must be identified for one's needs. To complete this first step take all the time you need and evaluate well all the pros and cons of the various offers currently available on the list with TIM.</p>