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How much does Telecom's optical fiber cost?

The fixed telephony market sees among the main protagonists Telecom which, for some time, has adopted the name TIM both for mobile telephony services and for subscriptions ADSL and the fiber optics also presenting combined offers to allow the customer to save even more on monthly expenses.

The Telecom fees to take advantage of the ultra-wide band they are definitely interesting and allow you to keep your monthly expenses down without sacrificing the ability to navigate at high speed from home.

telecom-fiber "width =" 499 "height =" 196 "srcset =" // 499w, // wp-content / uploads / 2016/07 / telecom-fiber-150x59.jpg 150w, // 300w "data-sizes = "(max-width: 499px) 100vw, 499px" /> To see how much Telecom's optical fiber costs we have to analyze a tariff that, of course, you'll find very interesting. <strong>TIM Smart Fibra</strong>, a customer-customizable offer that allows Telecom Italia fiber to be exploited to the maximum with a maximum speed that can reach up to <strong>300 Mega in download</strong> (currently available only in the municipalities of Milan, Turin, Perugia, Bari and Catania) and <strong>20 Mega in upload.</strong></p>
<p><strong>The TIM Smart Fibra cost of 29.90 euros per month for the first 12 months of subscription.</strong> After the promotional period, the rate is renewed at a monthly cost of ? 39.90. It should be noted that, to date, the activation fee for the line is free and, included in the price, there is also a Wi-Fi modem.</p>
<p><strong>TIM Smart Fibra offers unlimited internet </strong>(as mentioned at a maximum speed of 300 Mega in download and 20 in upload) <strong>and calls to national fixed and mobile tariffs at 0 cents per minute but with connection charge of 19 euro cents per call</strong>. Included in the cost of TIM Smart Fibra we also find <strong>TIMvision</strong>, the TV operator on demand.</p>
<p>As previously mentioned, the customer can customize his tariff profile by activating a series of options. Among these we find <strong>Smart</strong> <strong>Home</strong>, which allows you to add unlimited and no-click calls from your home phone to 10 euros more per month, e <strong>Smart</strong> <strong>Mobile</strong>, which allows you to activate a TIM SIM card with 500 minutes and 2 GB of data traffic per month, again at 10 Euro more per month. By activating both options, the cost of TIM Smart Fibra will be 49 euros per month.</p>
<p>The customer can, in any case, also count on other interesting options such as <strong>item</strong> <strong>International</strong> (5 euros more per month) which adds international calls without limits and without shutter, a feature that can be useful to all customers who have relatives or friends residing abroad or who for professional reasons find themselves having to make many calls outside national borders.</p>
<p>If, therefore, you are looking for a tariff to take advantage of ultra-wide bandwidth, Telecom Italia's proposal for fiber optics must, without doubt, be taken into consideration. Besides a cost that is all in all content, <strong>TIM Smart Fibra</strong> can count on one <strong>coverage</strong> remarkable and in net growth of TIM fiber optic in Italy.</p>
<p>Thanks to c<strong>resuscitation of the TIM fiber</strong>, there are always more Italian houses reached by the <strong>fiber</strong> <strong>FTTH</strong> which allows you to reach a download speed of 100 Mega. Residents in the municipalities of Milan, Turin, Perugia, Catania and Bari can also verify the presence of the coverage of the fiber network which, in these areas, can reach 300 Mega in download.</p>